7 Tips to Make Cleaning Easier This Fall

7 Tips to Make Cleaning Easier This Fall

When fall arrives, you have to get yourself ready for all those cleaning sessions. The new season somehow brings a lot of cleaning tasks along with it. That’s mainly because your windows are shut, and you stay at home for the most part. So, if you are also thinking of going through a new cleaning routine, I have some tips for you.

the tips i will share here will help you ease out the cleaning process this fall. let’s get going with it then.

Stains On Your Clothing

As soon as fall arrives, you will have to prepare your clothes for the season. You will most probably get all of them out from the closet. Since they were inside the closet for quite a while, they will naturally be dirty and have a smell that you need to get rid of.

Now, for cleaning these clothes, the best thing you can do is dishwashing liquid with hydrogen peroxide to make your fall clothes as good as new.

Clean Conveniently

There are several ways you can save up time while cleaning by making it convenient. For example, if you have an apron or an old kitchen apron, you can use the pockets for carrying your cleaning supplies.

This way, you won’t have to move back forth for the things you need while you are cleaning, like small brushes, cleaning products, and so forth.

Avoid Towels For Cleaning Windows

When you use towels for cleaning your windows, it may leave some streaks or scratches on the window. Instead of that, try using newspapers or coffee filters; you can also use other kinds of paper. These kinds of papers don’t leave any marks on your windows.

Cleaning Your Fireplace

Since it’s about to fall cleaning, you will surely need to think about cleaning the fireplace ashes. One tip you can use is to use some damp coffee grounds over the ashes of your fireplace. They help you weigh down the lashes and keep the dust as low as possible.

Clean Soot With Cola

Usually, when you have walls with bricks, you will notice some soot forming in them. These soot stains can make the wall look pretty ugly. That’s why the best solution to try out is using cola. Put some cola directly or use a sponge and leave it for 15 minutes. Then, wipe it off with clean water to remove all the soot from the bricks.

Clean Your Blinds

The best tip I can share for cleaning your blinds is to use kitchen tongs with towels. Instead of using the towels with your hands, bind the towels with both ends of your kitchen tongs. Place the blinds on the kitchen tongs to clean them very easily with just a single wipe.

Keep Your Fireplace Clean With Orange Peels

Do you use newspaper or other papers for your fireplace to burn? If so, then replace that with orange peels. You will get a better smell; longer fire and they don’t produce as much creosote as other papers. This way, your chimney stays clean for a longer time.