8 Ways To Keep Harmful Pests Away From Your Pets

The number of pests usually gets high in spring and summer, which can bring irritation to your pets or cause health issues, especially to those who are eager to play outdoors. Fortunately, there are tips that you can follow in order to protect your pets against mosquitos, fleas, spiders, ticks and other harmful organisms.

Provide Proper Hygiene

Always provide proper hygiene for your pets because this is the best weapon against pest. If they are dirty, give them a bath. If they have wounds, clean and dress the wounded area properly so as to not invite pests from hovering.

Constantly Check for Fleas and Ticks

Sometimes, bathing is not enough, especially when your pets just got back from running in your lawn or park. Observe extreme scratching, licking, or other signs that your pet is suffering from aggravating irritation. Chances are they already have fleas and ticks.

Be attentive at all times as fleas and ticks can be hard to detect. If you do happen to find some, remove them right away. You can follow these steps provided by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) steps:

  • Use tweezers or forceps to pull the flea or tick. Do it slowly so make sure that you are removing it totally.
  • After you remove it successfully, wrap it with tissue and throw it in the garbage or flush it down in the toilet.
  • Don’t forget to wash your hands afterwards.

Maintain Cleanliness Inside and Outside your Home

To guarantee that pests can’t nest and bread in your house, the most effective way to do this is to clean your house frequently. You should thoroughly vacuum your floors, furniture, carpets, and even beddings. Fix damaged screen doors and windows. Clear gutters and get rid of containers or anything where rainwater may store. Moreover, replace the water in your flower vases regularly. Also, don’t let mosquitoes spawn anywhere where your pets play outside, so always check if there is stagnant water in your garden.

Trim your Lawn

Harmful Pests

An overgrown lawn is a great breeding spot for ticks. Having said that, pets do not just stay in one place, they love to explore and run around into shrubs, grass, or undergrowth, so as much as possible, don’t let your pets play in your lawn if it’s not trimmed.

Keep your grass trimmed along the pavement, fences, and around your furniture, bins, grills, and trees. By doing this, it can prevent severe illnesses caused by ticks such as anaplasmosis, ehrlichiosis, and Lyme disease.

Avoid Spider-Prone Areas

Harmful Pests

Spiders are practically found everywhere, from your basement, to your attic, and to your garage. We often just ignore them since those spiders are harmless to humans. However, some of these spiders are definitely not safe for our pets. So, the best thing you can do about this is to keep them away from areas where spiders are abundant. In this way, your pets are safe from getting bitten.

Spray some Safe Repellents

There are safe insect repellents that you can buy in the pet stores. These repellents are effective mainly against fleas and ticks while others can also protect your pets from other kinds of pests. But to make sure, read the package label to know its content or ask your vet for recommendations.

Use Natural Oils

Another means for protecting your pets from insects or bugs is by using lavender essential oil. Lavender oil has been proven to repel numerous kinds of insects, including mosquitos, ticks, fleas, and flies. You can also use lemon eucalyptus oil that is proven to be an efficient mosquito repellant. To use these oils, you can purchase a collar with a special pouch wherein you can place the oil. But before proceeding, ask your vet for his approval first.

Give Heartworm Medications

Heartworm can cause dirofilariasis to your pets. The main carrier of this parasite is the mosquito. Luckily, there are heartworm medications to prevent your pets from contracting heartworm. These medications can be used topically or orally. Consult your vet to know what’s best for your pets.


Making sure that your home is pest-free is vital for your pets if you want them to have a safer and healthier environment. The tips above will do just that; with these suggestions you may Try www.groovecash.co.uk you’re sure that your pets are healthy and happy.