8 Ways to Remove Scratches From Glass Table

8 Ways to Remove Scratches From Glass Table

Having a glass furniture piece as a feature in your home can add class and elegance to your space. Glass furniture is also easy to clean, easy to match, and creates an illusion of bigger space wherever you choose to place them.

Along with the benefits of owning a glass furniture piece is one common inconvenience – scratches & smears. Since glass tabletops are often used to display other decorative items or as a functional centerpiece to your room’s decor, seeing scratches on it is particularly exasperating.

We know how important it is for homeowners to keep glass furniture looking clean and brand new so we prepared a list of ways to go back to being scratch-free.

However, keep in mind that some solutions are not a one size fit all. What might work for one glass table may not work for another. Now here are 8 ways to repair glass scratch:


Toothpaste is a common household item that can do wonders for your glass table. Toothpaste contains certain abrasive ingredients to help rid your teeth of persistent dirt and these properties are also what help even out the surface of your glass and sand the scratches away.

8 Ways to Remove Scratches From Glass Table

The trick to this hack is to make sure you use actual (usually, white) toothpaste and not gel-based toothpaste varieties. Place a small amount of toothpaste on a damp cloth and gently rub the scratch in circular motions and you should see the scratch fading.

Baking Soda

If the toothpaste doesn’t work, baking soda could be your next best bet. Baking soda functions the same way as the toothpaste hack. It comes with concentrated abrasive properties that can buff out and repair glass scratches.

Dilute your baking soda in water first to form a paste-like substance then use a lint-free cloth to apply it on the scratched surface.

Clear Nail Polish

One would think something for a manicure would have nothing to do with furniture maintenance but clear nail polish is especially good to use to cover isolated scratches on glass.

8 Ways to Remove Scratches From Glass Table

Use the brush tip and apply nail polish directly on the scratch. Then, leave it on for a few minutes to make sure the nail polish seeps into the damaged area.

Pro tip: run over the area with a cloth dipped in nail polish remover to wipe out the excess smears.

Glass scratch repair kits

A glass scratch repair kit is a product that is manufactured specifically to help you with pesky scratches on glass items. Purchasing one provides you with a full-proof and guaranteed option for future scratches and repairs.

A useful kit would be the MagicEzy Glasses Scratch RepairEzy. It does not just repair scratch on glass but also provides a protective coating that prevents smears and grease marks. You can never go wrong with choosing a glass scratch repair kit to keep you from all the hassle of homemade solutions. MagicEzy Glasses Scratch RepairEzy is made with the most advanced nanotechnology which makes repairs durable. It can be used for multiple applications too like eyeglasses, camera lenses, and basically all glass surfaces.

With the MagicEzy Glasses Scratch RepairEzy, all you need to do is adhere to its 5-step instructions. Shake the tube, apply 2 drops on a cleansed and dried area, rub in a circular motion for 20 seconds, dry overnight, and polish with a clean facial tissue. This easy-to-follow guide takes out the guesswork from your glass scratch repair.

Metal Polish

Metal polish like a Jeweller’s Rouge is also another option you may use to sand and buff a scratch off your glass table. Use a cotton ball or a cloth and place the metal polish in circular motions over the scratches.

Afterwards, use a damp cloth to remove excess product. Also avoid using too much product or re-applying another coating because this will cause the scratch to worsen.

Car Wax

Some surface scratch repair can also be cleared out with the help of car wax. Apply an ample amount of car wax to cover the glass scratch and gently wipe it on the damage with a lint-free cloth.

The wax will work on your glass scratch repair like how it buffs and polishes the outside of your car. However, you may need a polishing tool for this option to work perfectly.

Baby Oil

Another direction you can take is using Baby oil. It is made with mineral oil that can help buff over glass scratches.

Drop a tiny amount on the glass, rub, rinse, then let it dry and marvel at how easy that glass scratch repair was if it does work. Another plus, it leaves your furniture with an added hint of shine.

White Vinegar and Dry Mustard Mix

Out of all the hacks, this might be the most unusual. The combination of these two ingredients forms a similar alternative to the abrasive paste that toothpaste or a baking soda mixture would provide to repair scratched glass.

Just mix the two together until the texture is paste like and wipe the scratches in a circular motion with a cloth.

Choose the right DIY Hack that works.

Don’t let a scratch stop you from enjoying an elegant glass table for your home. Clearly, there are many hacks, products, and DIY scratch remover procedures out there to bring your glass tabletop back to a good as new state.

A good go-to would be a proven Do-It-Yourself that has been tried and tested. Something like a glass scratch repair kit completely removes the risk of furthering the damage to your glass table. Apart from just scratch removal, a good glass scratch repair kit like Glasses Scratch RepairEzy also has additional benefits like making your glass anti-fog and anti-smudge. It can be an all in one solution for every glass surface repair in your home.

Now that you are equipped with multiple options to keep your glass furniture and table tops crystal clear, keep calm & choose the best option for you. Go slow in deciding what would work best or, better yet, use trusted products that can guarantee repair success.

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