9 Reasons Why Investing in Real Estate is Still the Best Way to Go

9 Reasons Why Investing in Real Estate is Still the Best Way to Go

Andrew Carnegie is famously quoted to have said that 90% of millionaires got rich by investing in real estate. Andrew Carnegie is a billionaire so that pretty much makes him a very credible source. But does it still stand? Is it still advisable to invest in real estate in these times?

Well, the answer to both is a loud yes. We interviewed nine millionaires who got rich by investing in real estate and they have stories that will show you how investing in real estate is the real deal.

1. Real Estate Investment Continuously Appreciates.

You should invest in real estate because it continuously appreciates. It’s better than having your money slowly depreciate while sleeping in the bank. Choose a property in premier locations like ones offered in house and land packages in WA. They will bring in consistent cash flow and future appreciation. The better the location, the better the appreciation.

2. Real Estate Does Not Require Much Money.

Investing in real estate is best because it will not tie down much of your money. You can only use 10% of it on real estate and have the other 90% placed on different investments. It allows you to easily build on your wealth on a steady basis.

3. Real Estate Produces Income.

Your real estate investment will earn for you. Businesses will be in and out but the demand for land will always remain. May it be an empty lot when coffee can be planted or a residential space, a real estate investment will always produce income. And this is the kind of income that is steady, solid, and reliable. Stocks can be volatile and problematic while real estate investments can never be. It is tangible and ever appreciating at all times.

4. You Will Never Run Out Of People Needing A Place To Live In.

More and more properties are being built each year because more and more people are demanding a place to live in. This is why you will never go wrong with a real estate investment. The demand is only set to go higher and higher. More and more Gen Z earners are calling the shots and they prefer renting to owning. They even spend more on rent compared with millennials and baby boomers. It’s always easy to collect returns if you’d invest in real estate because the demand never stops.

5. Real Estate Will Give You Unlimited Options.

If you are in Mississippi, Pinpoint Real Estate investment services can provide you with an extensive amount of data to support each decision. Investing in real estate is uniquely special because it will give you endless options. If you’d invest in one, you can have it flipped then rented, you can even have it sold and earn 200% more than its original price. Buying a rental can even allow you to reap the benefits of massive appreciation. You can even opt to have it rezoned, rehabbed, and refinanced. You can even develop it, divide it, and make a subdivision out of it. There is so much to do! This is why so many millionaires get rich with real estate investment!

6. Tax Breaks In Six-Figure!

You will enjoy massive tax benefits on real estate investments. And if you get extra lucky, you may even chance upon tax exemptions on your gains. You will also get special tax breaks. This is why wealthy people prefer owning properties to cars. A real estate purchase has very low interest and is even more affordable.  This is why buying real estate is a go-to move for people that want to diversify their investments. It has special perks!

7. Buying Is Always Better Than Renting.

Most millionaires earn the most with their real estate investments. This is due to continuous steady appreciation. In today’s market, renting for $5,000 a month is such a waste given that you can own a $1 million house with a monthly mortgage of only $4,000 for 30 years! Now that’s an unbeatable rent control structure. Why rent when you could own? It will even earn for you so you will have so many earnings to look forward to every single day.


8. Residential Real Estate Earns Income Every Single Day Of The Year.

Real estate gives massive rewards but it will require you to wait. You have to be in it for the long haul. If you’d opt to have residential lots rented, you have to be committed. And is there any better way to motivate yourself than the knowledge that real estate will allow you to earn even while you’re sleeping? It will earn all year-round and you won’t need to do any form of extra labor. You simply just have to wait for your money to come in. That’s how good a real estate investment is. That’s how massive and magical your returns will be if you’d choose to invest your money in residential lots that people could rent.

9. Investing In Real Estate Will Allow You To Start Small.

You can start small and in any way you want with real estate investment. You can start with a tiny studio and grow bit by bit every time prices go down. Barbara Corcoran started with a small studio and she now owns a 10-room penthouse in New York City. Yes, New York City. On Firth Avenue to be exact. That’s how massive your growth can be if you’d choose to invest in real estate. All you have to do is decide and take a leap.