A Basic Guide For Lighting Nursery


It’s a few months before your baby comes and you’re so excited. The colors you chose to complement the walls and the wooden crib goes well with the overall design. You’re completely satisfied with your choices but there’s this niggling feeling at the back of your mind.

It’s almost like you’ve forgotten something. Lighting plays an important role in elevating the look and feel of any space. Because babies are such sensitive creatures, extra care must be taken when choosing the proper lighting for them.

From LEDs to halogens and compact fluorescent, each light bulb emits some level of heat. However, incandescent light bulbs are known to give off the most heat. This can make the room uncomfortable for the baby.

Sometimes, the danger of such light bulbs is linked to their location. If the light fixture is placed so close to the crib that the child can reach out and touch it, then that’s a big problem. Opt for energy-efficient options like LED lights that are cool to the touch.

  • Get kid lamps

Lamps have a way of lending any room a warm relaxing glow. When considering lighting options, you want to stay away from overly bright lighting. A lamp is just the thing to provide diffused lights that will go easy on a baby’s eyes.

Daylight bulbs or lamps for kids with soft lighting will brighten up the nursery without necessarily overstimulating your infant’s eyes.

  • Install nightlights

It helps to remember how sensitive infants and children are. It’s your job to ensure that your child’s nursery is a safe and comfortable place both in the day and at night. No matter how beautifully you decorate the nursery, it can seem like a truly scary place for a newborn at night.

Nighlights will cast a comforting glow over the room so your baby feels protected all night long. There are a variety of designs to choose from so consider your options carefully.

original-lighting-children-room.jpg (600×677)

  • Let in some natural light

Don’t get too preoccupied with the lighting options that you ignore the potential of natural lighting. While direct sunlight offers some health benefits, it’s never a good idea to have it flood into the nursery. For one, it can disturb your baby’s sleep and that’s the last thing you want.

Find a middle ground by considering window treatment options. You can install blinds to easily regulate how much light comes into the room. Whatever you choose, don’t forget to childproof the window.

  • Be creative

When considering lighting options for your nursery, your first thought should be functionality. Still, the most practical objects can also be used to make a statement. Going with the overall theme for your kid’s nursery, look out for elegant light fixtures that elevate the look of the room.

A dramatic ceiling light fixture can serve as a focal point of the room or you can install fanciful highlights that reflect the stars.

Final word

Remember that your baby is the star of the nursery. Whatever lighting options you opt for, ensure that they will keep the room cozy and comfortable in the day and nighttime.