A Step-by-Step Guide to Organize Your Home

A Step-by-Step Guide to Organize Your Home

Organizing a home can seem tricky at first but it isn’t as hard as it seems. Here we give you the step-by-step guide to organizing your home and keeping it that way.

Where Do I Start To Organize My Home?

The best place to start when deciding to organize your home is in the kitchen. The kitchen is the easiest room to organize due to its maximized storage capabilities and the items easier to categorize due to the storage. Start from the top cabinets and work your way down, throwing out excess or old items no longer in use or taking up too much room (like utensils). A good rule to follow is: if it’s not been used in 12 months or more, it’s not needed and can be thrown away.

How Do I Start To Declutter My House?

When you start to declutter your house keep in mind what decluttering is: the removal of old, broken or no longer wanted items taking up too much space whether in the open or in storage. If you’re really struggling for space (towards the point of hoarding), start with the cleanest room first so as not to spread the mess outwards. It is also a good way to pace yourself for the busier rooms.

Like the kitchen, start from the top down. Any dirt, grime or dust will come down with boxes, baskets or other items and make it easier to clean. If you do it the opposite way (bottom to top), you risk spreading dirt, grime and dust and have to repeat clean because a part of getting a home organized is getting and keeping it clean while maintaining a neat and tidy state.

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How Can I Organize Everything In My House?

Have you ever heard the phrase a place for everything and everything in its place? It’s a popular idiom that first appeared in The Naughty Girl in 1799 but which still stands true today. Create a place or space for everything you own from your food to your ornamental figurines. Fortunately, renting a storage facility in Darlington gives you more space to put your spare stuff and organize your home very well. If anything is taking up a space where it shouldn’t, you haven’t truly decluttered. Nobody needs that much stuff. You only need to keep what helps you to get by in life (minority luxuries, majority essentials).

To organize each room in your home, learn the best method to increase or make the best use of its storage. Measure the rooms and put unobtrusive storage units up and add partitions in existing units if you’re dealing with small items. Do this with each room until everything you own has a place and it’s firmly in its place.

What Is The Best Way To Stay Organized?

Staying organized can be tricky, especially if you spend more time outside of the home than in. Rooms get messed up too easily and require a bit of time to restore, but be that as it may, the restoration of a room is as easy or as hard as you make it. The longer you leave a mess to accumulate, the harder it will be to sort out later and more time consuming. For that there is a simple habit-forming solution.

Take just five minutes a day to neaten up your home. If you’re wondering what you can get done in five minutes, it’s actually quite a bit. You’ll get one room tidied per day, making the mess less of an issue and thus, keeping it organized. If you have a family with children, it’s wisely suggested you extend that to ten minutes. Also, start with the mess you least want to tackle. It’ll be removed much sooner than becoming taxation on your mental health and in return, you improve your mental health and improve your self-discipline by doing something you didn’t want to do and have the satisfaction of knowing you conquered that particular mountain.

Oh and one last detail that is often overlooked is taking care of cables and wires. Cables and wires can make a room look messy no matter how clean and tidy it actually is, so consider utilizing cable clips to truly max out the organization of your room and keep it looking cleaner and tidier for longer.