Adherence To Professional Techniques And Safety Protocols Are The Signs Of A Reliable Tree Removal Company

Trees around homes located within the boundaries of the property add much aesthetic value. The home looks beautiful amid the lap of nature besides providing the much-needed shade that keeps homes cool.  Your house begins to bake from the time the sun rises but having some big trees on the southwest corner of the property provides shade all morning. As the day progresses, the sun reaches above the head of and then proceed towards the western horizon; the trees on the southwest side of your house provide shade and keep the home cool. It sounds quite encouraging to plant trees around your home. However, you must know what kind of trees to plant and the most suitable locations around the house that can provide the desired shade at the right times.

Trees Can Make Homes More Energy Efficient

As homes become cooler, it reduces the use of cooling machines and makes homes more energy-efficient. Cooling and heating machines consume almost a quarter (22%) of the total energy consumed in the US. It is significant spending for households, which often keep increasing due to the constant rise in outside temperature. Interestingly, you can slash the energy consumption by almost 30% if you can plant the right trees at the right places around your home. The US Department of Agriculture confirms that the cooling power of a healthy shade is equivalent to the 10 air conditioners of average room size running for 20 hours per day.

Reduce Pollution

Pollution is the biggest concern of humans today. Our lifestyle has damaged the environment so much that it is becoming difficult to live comfortably by countering the adverse effects of weather. The earth has become so hot and the weather so unpredictable that people are using heating and cooling machines much more and polluting the environment even more. To break the vicious cycle, we can arrange for energy-conserving landscape by planting trees, shrubs, groundcover, and vines. They provide cooling summer shade, insulation during winter, and reduces pollution.

Tree Planting Location

How much shade the house receives from trees depends on how well you locate the trees. As explained earlier, planting trees on the Southeast, Southwest, and west of your home keeps the house under shade for the significant part of the day. The trees, however, must big and leafy enough to do this. You must not plant shade trees directly south to your home because it will not give the expected shade when the sun is overhead. Moreover, in winter, when the sun is lower, the tree trunk will cast a shadow on the house and cool it further when you want to keep warm by exposing it to sunlight.  If at all you must plant shade trees to the south your home, keep it at least 30 feet away from the building.

Tree Care

Trees can live so long that they can outlive the homeowners who plant them.  But you must maintain it well by controlling overgrowth and keep it healthy by periodical trimming by taking proper care so that it does not die. Trees can die for many reasons, and you must ensure that there is no dead or dying tree in your backyard.  If you detect any such tree, you must immediately call for Chompers Tree Service in Shelby Ohio. They are the best people to remove the dead tree from your premises.

Dead and dying trees can be dangerous for the residents of the building and nearby houses. There is a chance of uprooting due to strong winds or during a storm or when it is snowing heavily and cause immense damage to property and lives. Often you hear about people dying from trees falling upon them.  As a precaution and for reasons of safety, you must remove any tree that you find dead or suspect to die soon.

Hiring A Tree Removal Service

Only by adequately evaluating tree removal companies, you can select the right company. You should not choose any company at random that comes up in internet searches. Tree cutting and removal involve a lot of technicalities, and falling in the wrong hands can create more serious problems for you.  A tree cutting professional might be perfect in keeping trees in good shape but may not be aware of the techniques of tree removal and could make a mess of it. Before selecting a tree removal company, you must gather extensive information about them to judge their capabilities and expertise and avoid any wrong selection.

Spring is the time when homeowners must prepare to undertake tree maintenance to ensure proper growth and prevent any damage to the backyard or home. If there are any trees or tree stumps left in the ground, it would require immediate removal.

What To Look For In A Tree Removal Company

When you compare different tree removal companies, you must know the parameters to compare. Checking the credentials of the company is the first task that helps to evaluate how big the company is and for how long has been in business. Checking the track record of the company and talking to references that you obtain from the client list that the company provides, you can gather valuable insights about how good the company is. Make sure that the tree removal company meets all legal requirements like having a proper license and insurance and follow the safety norms, which is very important.

Equipment And Safety

Tree removal techniques involve the use of various equipment, and the process can be dangerous too. That is why it is vital to ensure that the company has safety protocols in place and follow it rigorously. Statistics reveal that every year, there are many deaths from injury related to tree removal.  Tools like chainsaws, power and hand tools, and wood chippers used for tree removal are dangerous. Even the slightest distraction when using chainsaws can inflict serious injuries to hands, legs, and arms in a split second. Check with the company that their personnel has training in using the tools besides following some standard operating procedure (SOP) to ensure completely safe operations.

Dangers From Trees

The tree itself can be dangerous due to its sheer size and can pose many other hazards. When trying to fall trees, there are chances of toxic exposure from harmful insects and plants that make the tree their home. Sometimes some insect bite can be dangerous. It can get so bad that it could land people in the hospital and even threaten their lives if proper medical attention is not available on time. Tree removal professionals must wear protective clothing and use appropriate safety gear to protect themselves from the dangers of insects and animals as well as preventing slip and fall. Some parts of the tree may have become weak and give away, thereby causing injuries. Tree removal professionals must identify the potential dangers to take preventive action.

Rotting or deadwood can be very dangerous when the tree is on its way to death because the health of the tree is so much unpredictable that it poses risks when coming down. Dead or decayed trees often have unstable limbs and hollowed out trunks, and the use of regular power tools on the tree increases the risk of accidents and injuries. The safest way of removing a dead tree is by using a crane. Therefore, it is better to remove trees during the early stages of decay before the rot sets in too deep

Electrical Lines Can Be Dangerous

Sometimes, electrical power lines and telephone lines that pass very close to trees pose a considerable danger during tree felling. People working on the tree must take care of such hazards by spotting it before starting work and devise some means of protecting themselves from any dangerous incident.

Safety Is Most Important

Safety should be on the top of the mind of homeowners when selecting a tree removal company because if anything goes wrong, the homeowners must share the responsibility for damages. Therefore, it is crucial to know the safety standards that tree removing professionals must follow so that it is possible to check with them about compliance. The company must follow the OSHA guidelines to ensure that the professionals working on the project have the right kind of clothing and protective gear. The gear must cover them from the head to eyes and from face to ears, including the legs and foot when using chainsaws. Some of the typical protective gears which are part of the uniform of tree removal professionals include – helmets, shields, gloves, safety goggles or safety glasses and ear muffs or earplugs.

Another safety guideline for tree removal is not to work during inclement weather. Even if the wind is blowing hard, it is better not to try to remove trees. Professional tree removal companies follow strict regulations because their goodwill has a link to the safe practices that profess their reliability. No matter how skillful the professionals might be in tree removal techniques if they flout safety guidelines, you must stay away from them.