All You Need to Know About Butterfly Leaf Table

Conventional table leaf can be huge and heavy to handle. This is why butterfly leaf table came into existence so that you can address this concern in an aesthetic and functional way. These tables are simple foldable renditions of traditional leaf tables and come with self-storing capacity that makes them all the more desirable in tight spaces. Got a few uninvited guests at the party? No problem! Just unfold the table and make room for the extra people.

Its All in the Name

As the name suggests, butterfly leaf table opens up like the wings of a butterfly at each end. In the middle lies the self-storing center which is one of the key elements of this piece. You can either fully extend the leaf or push the ends to make it smaller in size.

Benefits of Using Butterfly Leaf Table

When you are buying a self-storing butterfly leaf table, its benefits are already staring you in the face! These tables are designed specifically to make the process of folding/unfolding less cumbersome in presence of company. Its ability to stow the leaf inside the table is what makes it’s so unique. The butterfly leaf tables can be extended to its full capacity without restricting the movement.

The functionality of Butterfly Leaf Tables

These tables have a removable center section, also known as a leaf that can be detached when you need additional room. While most leaves can be simply removed and stored under the table, there are some that must be stored in a closet. When you want to expand the table, slide a leaf in the center section by pulling on one end of the table.

Space Saving

The table length may differ based on brand and model. However, a standard butterfly leaf table extends 18-inches wide in the middle. This means that no matter what size you buy when you remove the middle leaf, it can save you 18-inches of space in a room. This extra space can make a huge difference in a tight dining room. However, if you want to add more people to the table, just slide the leaf in and add two more chairs to the table!

Materials Used

In most cases, the butterfly leaf tables are made of wood. You can also found the inexpensive models that have been constructed using a combination of woods with veneer. However, the best quality table is made of hardwood. Needless to say that it is also very expensive. What you choose depends completely on your budget and the décor of your room. If your room is designed in contemporary style, then use a dark colored table. A light colored table makes an excellent fit for casual spaces used for entertaining informal guests.

Vintage Style

Many people who want to add a bit of vintage to their décor can also benefit from this table design. However, traditional butterfly leaf tables are not that easy to find. These tables are rare and this is what makes them so special. Usually made of maple, some may even find these tables in pine wood. Sometimes they may even be found in different wood combinations. When you are looking for a vintage style, look for the ones that were painted red to mask the different types of wood used. If you see that the paint has been scraped off, then it is important to know that its value is decreased significantly.

Size Selection

Before you buy a butterfly leaf table, make sure that you take your family size and lifestyle into account. Are you someone who entertains all group sizes? Do you receive guests regularly? A small butterfly table can seat up to six people. A large table can be expanded to seat up to 12 people. Apart from that, you must also consider how much space you have. Will you be able to expand the table to its full capacity when required? It is important to take your dining room measurements with you before you make the final purchase decision. Make sure that the one you eventually buy leaves you enough room to move around when fully expanded.

Butterfly leaf tables are also known as expandable tables for obvious reasons. When chosen wisely, they actually offer a veritable solution to the space problem. Your small dining room can easily house an elegant table that can be adjusted in size as per requirement. Rather than buying a small table, it is advisable to invest in this one because of its versatility. Owing to its functionality, these tables today are available in a variety of styles that can fit into all kinds of rooms beautifully.