All You Need To Know About Gas-Fitting Services

If at all you’re using any form of gas—be it in your home or business—then you must have the number of your gas fitter on speed dial. But not just any gas fitting service provider—you need a licensed contractor.

No, working with the pros isn’t up for discussion: It’s a requirement in most states given the nature of the service and the danger of the substance. Remember that the next time you want to engage the services of an unlicensed operator.

To know how to vet them better in future and know what to expect—so you get value for money paid—we’ll outline all you need to know in this article.

What is Gas Fitting?

In broad terms, gas fitters are responsible for the following two services.


These contractors basically install natural gas fixtures and appliances. Their services are sought after in residential, commercial and industrial areas. But that’s not all: They’re also responsible for installing related items such as gas meters and regulators.


Ever had a gas leak? These are the people to call. They make sure all appliances and connections are safe to use. This includes:

  • Checking leaks
  • Looking for rust
  • Performing pressure checks

8 Step by Step Roles of Gas Fitting Service Providers

You can see they perform a wide range of duties which include but aren’t limited to the ones listed below. It must preferably happen in this sequence to ensure the best outcomes:

  • There’s a lot of reading and interpreting of building plans & drawings involved before any installation can take place.
  • Gas fitting is by no means a haphazard affair. Thorough research goes into a project before any kind of installation can occur. Therefore the contractor must measure and mark points where the gas equipment is to be located.
  • Not all pipes used in the installation process are safe. During each step they must first test the pipe work used for gas appliances.
  • The next step is to install the gas pipes.
  • They also install the necessary appliances that the gas is needed for, whether it’s home or industrial equipment.
  • For regulation purposes, they must install gas pressure regulation and detection systems.
  • After installation, they usually give you all the information you need regarding correct use—and maintenance—of the gas appliances. Reporting is therefore central to their tasks.
  • Lastly they maintain the gas appliances as necessary, which is an ongoing responsibility.

Make sure your service provider is capable in all these areas so the technicians can handle any situation that may arise. Reading reviews is often an accurate source of information.

What to Consider When Choosing a Gas Fitting Service Provider

You’ll be surprised the number of persons claiming to offer this service. But due to the nature of the task the last thing you need is to pick a company that’ll compromise your safety. To avoid this you can look out for the following.

Do They Have the Necessary Documentation?

Are they qualified to carry out the task? Here we refer to experience and legal certification & licences.

Different states have varying regulations regarding gas fitting service providers which range from permits to licences to certificates of competency. To make sure your property is well looked after and your insurance broker stays satisfied with conditions on your premises, find a service provider with the correct documentation required relating to your location and situation.

Do They Offer Emergency Services?

It’s no secret: Gas related problems can occur at any time. This can be in the form of a split pipe, a broken gauge or gas leakages to mention a few.

To minimize danger and damage, pick a gas fitting service provider who is available 24/7. You need swift response whenever the emergency relates to gas.

How Much Do They Cost?

We all love a bargain, but when it comes to material as volatile as gas: Cheaper isn’t necessarily better.

Rather opt for professionals who’ll do the job properly. You can consider getting a couple of quotes to compare but don’t settle for the cheapest option in a bid to save money. It might end up costing you more in the long run if you need to pay for more insurance, broken components or alternative service providers when the company doesn’t keep to its promises.

Generally gas fitting services adhere to the following:

  • They charge hourly rates
  • Their costs will depend on location and region
  • For emergency situations, you can expect to pay a premium amount
  • In emergency situations, if there are components to be installed you’ll have to pay additional charges, not simply maintenance fees

It’s in your best interests to clarify this before going into business with a particular service provider so you can manage your budget accordingly and don’t get an unexpected request for payment.

Wrapping Up

As you can see gasfitting is essential in many industries including residential areas.

Thinking of building or renovating your home? They can work hand in hand with your architect to develop the best gas solutions to meet your unique needs. This will include anything from installing gas appliances to redesigning your current hot water system.

Is it worth it? Definitely. An effective gas continuous flow hot water system can save you lot of money on your water heating bill: Up to 60%. That’s how important picking the right gas fitting service provider is.

Who will you use?

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