Amazing Ideas To Use Quartz Worktops In Your Home

Quartz worktops are widely used nowadays for commercial as well as domestic purposes. It has many interesting properties that make it one of the best choices for many home purposes.

You would have seen quartz worktops in many places without even recognizing it because it gives the same look and feel like granite and marbles and its stain-resistant nature is a bonus.

This is one of the reasons why people prefer using quartz instead of granite in their kitchens and bathrooms. In this post, we will tell you how you can use quartz worktops in your home.

What is Quartz?

Quartz is one of the toughest natural materials that have a great shine and smooth touch. Natural quartz is available in different shades of red, purple, brown, or black. Many naturally occurring quartz stones are colourless and clear. Quartz worktops are made by binding different stones with a small amount of adhesive. Most of these stones are quartz. Typically a quartz worktop may contain 90% to 99% of pure quartz stone. Quartz worktops are available in the market in many different colours other than that of natural quartz. The shiny and tough surface of quartz worktops come at a very affordable price which makes it one of the best competitors to granite.

Why Quartz is Gaining Huge Popularity?

Over the last few years, the marble and stone market has seen a great deflection towards the quartz stone. Many people use it as an alternative to granite. The following are some of the reasons why quartz worktops are gaining massive popularity in domestic as well as commercial purposes.

  • It is much cheaper than granite.
  • It has more tensile strength than the granite.
  • The cost and effort for the maintenance of quartz worktops are relatively low.
  • They are very much durable.
  • Granite is now thought of as out of fashion and vintage kind of thing. While quartz is the choice of the modern generation.

Quartz Worktops in Kitchen

The kitchen is the best place for using quartz worktops in your home. You can use them as countertops in your kitchen. They are stain-resistant which means no matter how dry the stain is, you can use a cloth and a little bit of water to wipe it off. Here we will discuss four different designs of quartz kitchen worktops which are trending nowadays.

  • Orange Quartz Kitchen Worktops

As mentioned above also, quartz worktops are available in many different colours. Orange is one of them which gives a positive look to your kitchen. These quartz countertops have a square finish in the edges and the thickness is generally ¾ inches. If you like bright colours, you should go for orange quartz kitchen worktops.

  • Pure White Quartz Kitchen Worktops

White is among the natural colours of quartz and this colour is simple yet effective. You can get a 3-inch thick white quartz worktops for your kitchen from various brands like KML, Caesarstone and many more like them. Apart from giving a classy look to your kitchen, it is also easy to keep it clean, unlike other white stones.

  •  Polished Black Quartz Kitchen Worktops

Black is the favourite colour of the young generation. Unlike the old days when black was the colour of bad-luck and dark events, now black is the choice of everything for millennials. Black Quartz worktops are the best choices for them. It not only fits your style but also hides some of the dirt if you are a little lazy in cleaning!

  • Red Quartz Worktops in a White Kitchen

The combination of the red and white colour is quite mesmerizing. You can see its effect in your kitchen. You can very easily get a red coloured quartz kitchen worktop to install in your white kitchen. That will give a beautiful touch to it. You can consult any brand like KML to test this idea and get it installed in your kitchen.

The above ideas fit the needs of every individual and give a glamorous look to your kitchen. If you ever feel confused while selecting the best colour and designs among the wide variety available in quartz worktops, you should listen to your heart.