Are Roman Shades Still in Trend? A Quick Guide on Why You Must Consider Them

Are Roman Shades Still in Trend? A Quick Guide on Why You Must Consider Them

Plenty of homes in the United States prefer having wooden, vinyl, or faux wood shades. Blinds and drapes. However, there is still a particular section in the society that prefers roman shade over any other shade material. Roman shades stand out from the crowd as it is made of soft fabrics that give a unique texture to your home interiors.

Roman shades have been around you since forever, but realizing their worth is something not many people can do. If you’ve been considering getting custom roman shades for your home, you’ve come to the right place to know everything about them. So, without further ado, quickly scroll down to get into the details of roman shades.

What Are Roman Shades, And How Are They Different From Ordinary Shades?

The Roman shades get made of fabric that comes attached with a cord. The attachment helps you to fold and open the drape to cover your windows. They are perfect for protecting your living room, bedroom, and kitchen. Its soft and thick fabric gives a very warm touch to the interiors of your house. Plus, several factors make them stand out from the crowd. Below you’ll find details of the factors that make roman shades different from wooden or other material shades.

Factors That Make Roman Shade worthwhile

Firstly, you should know that roman shades have never gone out of trend. Yes, their beginning was in the Roman times, but still they are preferred in most parts of the world to cover windows. Now getting on to its positive effects and benefits, check the following list.

1. It Gives a Touch of Luxury

As mentioned earlier, roman shades have an incredible history, and they reflect luxury in every form. Nothing can be fascinating and luxurious than having roman shades in your home. You can find several variations in the cloth and texture, but if your style and taste are elegant, you’ll prefer them over any other shade materials.

2. Roman Shades Are Practically Very Easy to Use

The roman shades come with two types of cords, one is the pull cord, and the other is a loop cord. The cordings are very practical that makes roman shades super easy to use. In blinds and other drapers, they are much complex operations that make them a less preferred choice over roman shades.

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3. You Can Customize Roman Shades The Way You Like

The majority of you have understood by now that Roman shades are made of fabric. So, fabrics usually have more options in comparison to other blind materials. You can choose the fabric according to your house interiors and even pick the style of fold and drape for your roman shades.

4. You Can Add Black Folding To Support Your Shade Fabric

Fabrics can have different densities and textures. Some are heavy and some are light. It entirely depends on how much light you want to enter into your home. Based on this decision, you do not need to change the fabric of your choice. You can simply add black foldings to the existing materials to restrict more light.

Why should you seriously consider roman shades?

Roman shades are trendy and can add a lot of texture to your home. But it is not at all necessary to say that it is best for everyone. The roman shades are perfect for those people who have the following taste and preferences.

  • If you like traditional and classic setting
  • If you like rustic and retro themes
  • If you want to maintain a luxury lifestyle but keep it understated
  • If you want manageable, easy operating, and more customizable window covering, then roman shades are perfect for you.

While you look out for stores that can provide you custom roman shades, ensure that you trust someone who can provide you with original fabric and taste. Along with that, you definitely need to run a quick check on the company you trust to customize your blinds. And for that, you can check their reviews and ratings. Before you place an order, you should ask the company to show you samples of products they have made in the past to ensure that they can match the product expectation you have in mind.

Set a fixed budget according to your spending capacity and tell the manufacturer exactly what you want to avoid any last-minute conflicts. Let the manufacturer measure the size of your windows before the making to leave no scope of committing mistakes.

Give your homes a royal makeover by choosing the perfect roman shade that matches the vibe of your house.