Are Solar Panels Affected By Rain?

Are Solar Panels Affected By Rain?

As your solar panels are located on your roof it’s very important that they are able to withstand the elements and manage weather systems in the state of Florida. With ongoing tropical storms, hurricanes and heavy rains, you may be questioning whether or not solar panels will be able to generate power even in inclement weather. We want to answer some of the top questions about solar panels and rain here!

The good news is that solar panels are completely waterproof and they don’t have moving pieces. There’s no need to worry about solar panels malfunctioning or rusting through continuous rainfall. Light rain storms can be perfect for washing away dirt and debris from solar panels and this can often save you time with cleaning and maintenance.

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Even though the rain may not affect your solar panels, cloud cover will. Clouds will also block out some of the sun’s energy and this can reduce the overall efficiency of your solar panels. With your solar panels absorbing less of the sun’s ultraviolet rays, you will only be able to generate a smaller amount of energy with your system. When the sun is shining brightly, your solar panels will be able to operate beyond peak efficiency.

A solar panel can work well in cloudy and cold conditions but it ultimately comes down to a system that is designed to work in all types of weather and a modern solar panel design. Solar systems don’t need access to any heat in order to generate electricity and this means that you can often have some of your most efficient days on sunny and cool days. Even without getting maximum sunlight exposure, your panels will still be able to power your home.

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