How Artificial Palms Create Warmth All Year Round

We all dream of living in a tropical paradise all year round… well, with artificial palm trees – you can!
We all love having fresh plants, trees and flowers in our homes. They add a sense of nature, freshness and greenery which can brighten up any space and even add a pop of colour.

But unfortunately the climate doesn’t always allow us to fill our homes with fresh greenery and expect it to last more than a few days. Nobody wants to have to waste so much time and money keeping their home full of plants, but what else can we do?

Artificial plants are an incredible alternative to real plants, and there are lots of reasons why you should be choosing them over the real thing for your home! Unlike real plants and trees, artificial plants last and last. They require absolutely no maintenance in terms of watering, trimming or replacing, and they give the same visual pleasure, colour and sense of freshness that you get from real plants.

In particular, artificial palm trees are a great addition to any home. They help add a feeling of warmth all year round – whatever the weather. There are so many options to choose from, so read on to find the perfect artificial palm tree for your home.

What kinds of artificial palm trees can you get for your home?

Any artificial palm tree makes a wonderful addition to your home’s décor – and helps add a sense of liveliness to any space. But there are several different kinds of palm trees which all have their own feeling and atmosphere attached.

Areca palm trees

Areca palm trees are a beautiful option for your home. They have thick, lush leaves which really stand out – imagine chopping your way through the thick greenery of the jungle. With an areca palm tree you get a truly tropical feel inside your home. Originally from Madagascar, these palm trees are as unique as there are stunning, and come in a variety of sizes.

You can opt for a smaller areca palm tree in a gorgeous vase, or a larger potted version to really make a statement.

Kentia palm trees

Kentia palm trees add a little touch of sunshine to even the darkest, coldest, gloomiest day. This breezy silk palm possesses a full frond of light palm leaves which brighten any environment. It has a delicate, elegant appearance which makes it perfect for living areas or even dining rooms.

Treat yourself to an artificial kentia palm tree and bask in the image of sandcastles on the beach all year round. A fantastic addition to any home.

Phoenix palm trees

Phoenix palm trees are full of tropical fun. They add a sense of the exotic to any room in your house, or even outside space like decking or patio, thanks to their full, lush leaves and rich green colouring.

Phoenix palm trees look particularly stunning in entrance halls, greeting you and your guests with a little touch of the tropics straight away. You can purchase an artificial phoenix palm tree either unpotted or potted, in a decorative container of your choice. This only adds to its unique and breath taking appearance.

Coconut palm trees

The coconut palm tree is the classic palm tree. When you think of a tall palm tree swaying in the warm breeze on a desert island, basking in the sun’s rays, this is the tree you’re thinking of. An artificial coconut palm tree gives your home a true holiday feel all year round.

Coconut palm trees are great for both outdoor and indoor spaces. You can get them in a variety of sizes, even large models such as the impressive 15 foot palm!

Add a little touch of summer to your home all year round with an artificial palm tree – you won’t regret it.