Autumn Is Prime Time For Roof Maintenance

Your roof is an investment worth thousands of dollars. It makes sense to spend some time inspecting your roofing to see what yearly maintenance might be needed before the bad weather, snow and ice cause expensive storm damage that cannot be addressed until springtime.

According to experts, regular roof inspection and maintenance is directly tied to how long your roof will last before it needs replacing. The data indicates that roofing left without adequate maintenance lasts half as long as roofing that is maintained regularly. Inspect and perform maintenance regularly so that storm damage and impact from snow, ice and water happen less often and cost less to repair. If you need to hire a professional roofing company, it may just be worth it – you can’t put a price on peace of mind.

When should you inspect your roof?

Late Summer and in the Fall is a good time to inspect roofing for chronic problems, especially in the north. This ensures the job is finished before the wet, cold and snowy seasons get started. Homeowners living in the deep south or western hot climates need to inspect and perform yearly maintenance in the spring before the weather turns hot. The climate you live in should dictate what materials you use to build your roof, and how often you have it inspected. If you use high-quality materials, the roof will last much longer and almost certainly require less maintenance. It’s typically smart to make a big investment off the top if you can afford it.

Doing It Yourself

You have chosen to go the DIY route with your roof inspection before attempting any maintenance and repairs to get ready for stormy weather. Angie’s List recommends you take your time walking around the roof looking for damaged or missing shingles, problems with flashing and carefully inspecting drains and gutters. Get up on the ladder to find obvious places water mightpool, get into your home, and cause damage.

Watch for loose or worn out roofing materials that could give way under snow load or storm winds. Then go inside and look in the attic for signs of water damage or leaks. Make a careful list of any needed minor repairs and be objective. Minor damage now means major headaches later on!

Get Some Expert Help

If you’re not comfortable climbing about on the roof and scaling ladders, then contact a local roofing company and look into booking regular preventative maintenance services to save yourself from the hazardous chore. Consumer Protection Ontario recommends getting quotes from three or more contractors, at the very least, before making your decision. Compare the services offered with an eye to getting the best inspection and maintenance services with 24-7 emergency storm damage and water damage repairs. Talk to neighbors who have used their services and check references. Soon you will find the right roofing firm and can rest easy that the roofing is sound with no dangerous ladder climbing to fret over!