Baking Oven Singapore- Unbeatable Saving, Outstanding Performance

Baking Oven Singapore- Unbeatable Saving, Outstanding Performance

Cooking is an art; the canvas is the oven, and paint is the ingredients. The choice is wide from small tabletop ovens to conventional ones for baking delicious, delectable dishes. Baking oven Singapore with automatic moisture measurement technology is an awesome tool to bake pizzas and pastries and roast meats and vegetables. These ovens come with stunning design, cutting edge technology: the epitome of ultimate aesthetic intend and outstanding performance. They are the perfect machine to make cooking pleasurable and seamless. People are becoming more health-conscious, and lifestyle changes and the ovens are also evolving to meet your changing demands and daily life. 

What is a convection oven?

A convection oven is equipped with a fan and exhaust system; this feature is absent in regular oven. The fan and exhaust create hot airflow in and around the food and vent it out. The constant, even airflow makes cooking faster and more even. As the hot air blows directly into the food, instead of circulating it, the cooking time is much shorter, around 25% faster than an ordinary oven. It cooks the food more evenly, as the fan in the oven circulates hot air evenly, keeping an even temperature.

The air in a regular oven becomes humid as there is no ventilation. The automatic moisture measurement technology creates an arid condition that caramelizes the sugar faster. This feature makes food crisper, browner outside, keeping the inside tender and soft. The food is baked faster compared to a traditional oven at lower temperatures making it more energy-efficient. At a time you can cook four dishes in the oven, without blending aroma. The pyrolytic technology flares up the inside temperature to 470 degrees centigrade to wipe out dirt the grime accumulated within. 

Convection setting

You may wonder with so many advantages, why convection ovens still come with a regular oven option. Depending on the cuisine you are preparing, the hot air flow may not be suitable. Convection setting will increase the crispiness crunchiness of the meat and vegetables. As the food is cooked in an arid, uniformly heated container, the food’s exterior gets caramelized, resulting in brown color and sweet, nutty flavor. Convection heating creates steam and makes fat melt, making the pastries more buttery, flaky, and supple. This setting is perfect for toast or dehydrates food to eliminate the moisture content as fast as possible.

While you use the oven in convection setting, lower the suggested temperature by 25 degrees Fahrenheit. For the optimal function of convection, the air needs to flow appropriately. Place trays and pans on the lower side and do not block the oven shelves with foil. Using rimless baking sheet and low sided pan while baking foods makes it crisper.

The oven’s body is scratch resistance and easy to clean, keeping the luster and sheen unscathed for a long time. The smooth, oiled door hinges, soft sliding shelves enables the oven to operate in a silent, seamless way. In convection oven 20% less energy and 25%, less time is used.