Bathroom Exhaust Fans Fire Hazards – Ways To Reduce It

Bathroom Exhaust Fans Fire Hazards – Ways To Reduce It

Bathroom exhaust fans are one of the most important parts of any toilet and in case of most residents as well as the commercial properties this fans nowadays are must have. These fans are meant to provide protection against fogged windows, damp walls and most importantly helps to remove the unpleasant odor. However, this fan possesses potential fire hazards if certain precautions and steps are not taken properly on a daily basis.

Let’s look into the different facts that will help you to understand why you need to clean your bathroom exhaust and how you can reduce the chances of fire in your house from the exhaust.

Why do you need to clean bathroom exhaust?

Bathroom exhaust is an inherent and intrinsic part of every modern toilet. This exhaust not only acts as a suction pump to reduce odor from your house but also work hard to keep your room clean and damp free. In order to complete their task, the fans of these machines keep rotating for unlimited times, and that makes it prone to fire hazard. Few reasons to clean bathroom exhausts are mentioned below.

  • Lint produced on the fan blades during operation can lead to overheating of machine
  • Clean exhaust takes out more odors out of your bathroom pretty easily
  • Ultimate satisfaction regarding hygiene and cleanliness, an apparent exhaust fan is always preferred over an unclean one

Let’s move on to know the featured of the Bathroom Exhaust Fans. To know more about fans Click here.

Features of bathroom exhaust fans

Bathroom exhaust fans are such a thing that not only cleans the bathroom but also possesses various importance. Some of them are mentioned below.

  • New exhaust fans are weather coated and thermally protected that can withstand any negativity
  • If you are using exhaust from a renowned brand like Bajaj, Lg or Atomberg, then it is good to clean the fan twice every year for proper functioning
  • There is plenty of exhaust option available to mesh properly with your persona

What are the hazards of bathroom exhausts?

Bathroom exhaust is an integral part of every modern house. Thus the potential risk of fire needs to be checked.

  • A clogged exhaust can lead to a fire in your room
  • If proper maintenance is not taken, then the machine may break down easily
  • In case of break down, the machine can create smog and harmful gases
  • For these various reasons, people need to link the hazards of bathroom exhausts.

Steps to reduce hazardous effect

Increase ventilation

Ventilation is the best way to remove excess moisture from your property, so work with your tenants to ventilate at all times. Open the windows in the kitchen and bathroom and close the doors to limit moisture from spreading to other parts of the house. Ventilate cupboards and wardrobes, and ensure your chimneys are not blocked. During the cold months, it can be tough to let in the cold air for a bit but knows that you are also removing the moist air.

Get rid of existing mold in the property

To kill and get rid of fire hazard, you need to thoroughly clean all the walls, ceilings, hard floors and window frames with a fungicidal wash. Then you can paint the walls with a fungicidal paint. Remember, to carefully dry the stained areas. Try to dry clean carpets rather than a wet shampoo method.

Have proper insulation

Another very effective way of preventing condensation has your walls properly insulated. This is a problem of many of the older properties. The areas you want to consider are cavity insulation, draught proofing windows, external doors, and insulating the loft or cellar. Also, do some research to discover government grants that may cover your costs for things like secondary glazing and insulation work.

Well, these are the essential things about the bathroom exhausts fans and keep these important parameters in mind to take care of your exhaust fan.