Best roofing companies in Saint Paul, Minnesota

Best roofing companies in Saint Paul, Minnesota

No one is safe from roofing repairs. From leaks and hail damage to blistering and broken gutters, you can be in search of a roofing company for a number of reasons. Although asphalt shingle and composition roofs typically serve for about 20years, climate and weather conditions can significantly cut the roof’s lifespan.

As roofs cover your biggest asset, you need a skilled expert to fix a scrappy or defected roof. Besides, even a small leak can go unattended for years, wich can then result in huge repair costs. That is why it’s great to have an experienced roofinspection on speed dial at all times.

Roofing repair costs

The total cost of repairs stems from several variables. First of all, prices vary according to your location. For example, roof inspection in Saint Paul can cost you somewhere around $150 to $4000 depending on the scale (minor, moderate, ormajor repairs).

Among other major factors that affect the cost are the following:

  • covering material,
  • the square footage of a roof,
  • additional services (ventilation, flashing and nails)

As there’s a considerable price range, ideally you should get multiple quotes to come up with the best price-quality ratio.

With that being said, we have curated the top roofing companies that offer services in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Without further ado, let’s get your roof fixed!

Sellers Roofing Company – New Brighton

Sellers Roofing Company – New Brighton was set up in 2007 with the aim of assisting various types of roofing installations, fixes, and removals. Leading roofing excellence, the company also provides:

  • commercial roofing services,
  • interior, and exterior remodeling services,
  • storm damage repairs and renovation services

Their professional-driven crews work with all kinds of material, from asphalt shingles to metal roofing, stone coated steel, and more. In addition to roofing, they can help you with windows, gutter, and siding fixes and replacement.

The company strives to guide you through the tedious process of insurance proceeds and paperwork. This company at West Rome Avenue Saint Paul MN 55116 has extensive experience working on and fixing every roofing, covering, andbuilding type. From apartment buildings and churches to schools and warehouses, the company delivers fast and long-term services.

Bonus: you can book a free roofing inspection to avoid further risks. So next time you don’t need to google for ‘roof inspection near me’, since you already have one.

Walker Roofing

Walker Roofing is another multi faceted roofing company located in Saint Paul. Its history dates back to 1938 when it first started operating in the greater Twin Cities area.

The company provides roofing replacements and installations for residential or commercial properties. They can provide you professional assistance with BUR, CPA, EPDM, and TPO roofs, and can install or repair shingle, metal and flat rooftypes.

Their professionals do their best to honor the trust of their customers by offering excellent and long term services. The company is reachable at all times, ready to give you a consultation. Plus, you can explore financing alternatives for somekinds of services. To request a free calculation, reach out to the team via the company’s website.

Walker Roofing has a rating of A+ with the Better Business Bureau. Beside free calculation, you can also get a quote for any roofing needs, organize a free inspection on its website or reach them through their 24/7 emergency service.

Twin City Roofing

Based in Saint Paul, Minnesota, Twin City Roofing has been over 45 years in the roofing landscape. The company offers full service roof removals and fixes, including door, window, siding, and attic insulation upgrades.

Twin City Roofing is accredited by BBB and has a crew committed to improving your home efficiency. Like the other two companies, the company offers customers both free quotes and free inspections.

Among other things, you can get their free roofing buyer guide that includes tips on asphalt shingle, metal, and composite roof material. The company follows all safety guidelines and implements an environmentally-friendly approach to reducethe company’s impact on nature.

Pineview Builders

Since 1987, Pineview Builders, Inc. has been providing local construction services in the Twin Cities area. Whether it’s siding, exteriors, remodeling, or building, the company is able to deliver a high-quality result. They offer installation ofcomplete roofing systems as well as tear-off and re-roofs with excellent workmanship.

Although they do not deal with all roof materials like Roofing Experts, they still work with the most popular coverings. Their scope of work includes asphalt, cedar shakes, synthetic shakes, slate, EDPM as well as metal and tile.

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