Best Way to Remove Scratches from Glass Tables

Best Way to Remove Scratches from Glass Tables

The idea behind using glass tables is the pristine look it gives anywhere you place them. But unfortunately, we all know how susceptible it is to dust and the more permanent one- scratches. With patches of scratches all over the table, we know how it can lose its classy, contemporary look and make it fail the illusion of space. The bottom line is that it leaves the place looking messy, and no one likes that but you will relish the adventure on online casino slots.

Scratches on glass furniture look so permanent it discourages people from buying them. But what if I told you, you could fix that with household items?

Here are some tricks to get the job done.


The same innovation toothpaste used to remove stains from the teeth is applied to removing scratches from the glass furniture. It would be best to clean the glass with your usual glass cleaner and then apply some toothpaste to the surface. Use a damp cloth to scrub the surface in a gentle manner, then use a clean cloth to wipe the surface.

Jeweller’s Rouge

The same effect that the rouge has on jewelry is the same effect it has on the glass. So, before you apply it, use the glass cleaner to wipe the surface, then apply the rouge on the surface till the scratches are smoothened. You can get the rouge in any jeweler shop or buy it online. The last step is to clean off excess rouge and use glass cleaner to follow up.

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Clear Nail Polish

Nail polish can be applied in a circular motion in all the affected areas. The nail polish is your best resort to fixing scratches next to professional touch. Once the polish is dried, you can use a glass cleaner afterward to clean the mess. It’s a good thing the transparent nail polish is within reach of most women and not far in a toolbox.

Scratch Repair Product

This scratch repair method is more intense. It is used for severe scratches that can be felt on the fingers. If that is the case, you will need a glass repair kit like the type used to fix the windscreen. Then, the surface of the glass around the scratch. Get more fun on casino games australia.

Use Preventive Measures

Prevention is indeed better and cheaper than cure, and so we encourage you to practice preventive measures. For example, placing hot bowls and sharp utensils on the glass top directly can weaken the glass table top. Make sure you protect the glass table top from direct contact with hot plates, heavy items and sharp items in kitchen utensils or tool boxes. It would be best if you used coasters or table runners to serve as a buffer between the glass table top and items you place on the table.