Big Father’s Day Gifts for the Best Dad You Know

Big Father’s Day Gifts for the Best Dad You Know

Fatherhood is a tremendously difficult job, and the dads who stick it out deserve to be celebrated in a big way. Yet, even when we know what the fathers in our lives enjoy, giving gifts to dads is never easy.

Whether this is the first Father’s Day you are celebrating with a special someone or you merely want to show your whole-hearted appreciation for a dad in your life, you might take inspiration from the following list of great, big Father’s Day gifts that most dads will love:

A Memoir

Many dads have more than a few crazy stories from their youth that explain how they became the men they are today. While nothing can compare to the way they tell their stories in person, you might help them get their tales in writing to preserve them for future generations. Services like Storyworth make it easy for dads to provide snapshots of their lives that can be compiled into a memoir keepsake for them and their children.

A Smoker

A prerequisite of becoming a dad is mastery over the grill. But, dads who love grilling might be looking for a new challenge. Smokers are a specific type of grill that cook food using low temperatures and flavorful smoke, and when used properly, they can produce some of the most delectable barbecue. This is a big Father’s Day gift that the entire family can enjoy.

A Pizza Oven

Another culinary gadget that dads tend to enjoy is the pizza oven, which allows fathers and families to make outstanding pies from home. There are many different styles of pizza oven, from wood-fired ovens to gas ovens to electrical ovens; you should consider the space your father has for a pizza oven and his typical cooking style before making a decision. Ooni is one of the most respected brands of pizza ovens, and their sleek designs are bound to make your dad smile.

A Beer Subscription

A single six pack of cold ones is a bit underwhelming for a father’s big day, especially if they consist of brews he already has in the garage fridge. If your dad is an aficionado of fine beers, he will likely appreciate some exposure to breweries and beer styles he has never encountered before. A beer box can provide access to some rare and unique craft brews, and your dad can continue celebrating Father’s Day for as long as you keep the subscription going.

A Saw

If your dad is the crafty type, he probably already has more than a few saws in his workshop. Still, you can never have too many saws. You could evaluate his collection and spring for a power saw he doesn’t yet have, like a jigsaw, a band saw, a scroll saw or a miter saw. Even better, you can spend time in the shop with him to learn from his expertise and enjoy the experience of completing a big project with his new toy.

A Fire Pit

When there isn’t a game on, many dads enjoy passing their evenings in the great outdoors — even if that outdoors is just the backyard. You can make the backyard feel cozier and more fun with the addition of a fire pit, where your dad can warm up, roast some franks and bask in the warm, flickering glow of the fire. What’s more, there are smokeless options that further improve the fire pit experience.

A Putting Green

No longer does your dad need to devote an entire weekend morning to practicing his putt. A putting green of his very own located in the backyard, garage or home office will give him the opportunity to fit in some putting practice whenever he has a minute or two free. Getting up to putt could help him stay active in the hours and days he can’t make it to the links, which will result in a happier dad — and certainly a much better golfer.

A Sound System

For the dad who loves media, a new home sound system could be an incredible Father’s Day gift. Connected to the main television, a record player or any other sound-making device, a system from Polk, ELAC or Monolith will ensure incredible fidelity and immerse your dad and his guests in the movies or music they cherish.

Good dads are not always easy to find. If the father in your life goes above and beyond to care for his kids, you should honor him with a big gift on Father’s Day.