Black Shower Arm Size Features and More

Black Shower Arm Size Features and More

If you’re shopping for a new shower arm for your bathroom, you’ve probably come across the Classic Plus. This collection of brass shower arms provides a variety of customization options, including custom-sized flanges and solid ceiling mounts. To learn more about the different types of black shower arms, read on to learn more about their features.

Classic Plus Shower Arm Size Features And Customizability

The High Sierra Classic Plus shower arm is perfect for smaller showers because of its miniature size and powerful spray. Its single orifice design does not have any bells and whistles, but it delivers a nonstop drenching stream and is incredibly water efficient. You can even clean it with a finger inserted into the hollow cavity.


The Classic Plus shower arm is adjustable, meaning that you can adjust its height and angle. The adjustable arm’s knob features a notch to allow for easy cleaning, but there is no need to worry about leaks. If you have a larger shower than you can accommodate with this arm, you can choose one with a lower head height.

Brass Construction For Durability And Decorative Flange

One of the benefits of solid brass is its ability to hold up well to daily wear and tear. While other materials, such as plastic, can be used for mounting hardware. Whether you’re a homeowner looking to update your kitchen with a contemporary look or a seasoned builder looking to replace the existing garbage disposal, a solid brass construction is the ideal solution.

Diverter Switch

Having problems using the diverter switch on your black shower arm? Here are a few tips. First, determine the location of your mixing valve. You should place the valve within a 10 to 15-inch range of your shower arm and showerhead. Make sure it is easily accessible for all users.

If you want to convert your fixed shower to a hand shower, you can install a diverter valve. This valve is finished in Powdercoated Black and offers the convenience of a hand shower with the flexibility of a fixed shower head. Its sleek design also looks great in your shower. You can change the shower flow by turning on the diverter.

The Awaken showerarm includes a diverter cradle, which allows you to turn your hand shower into a hand shower. The Diverter switch will automatically switch between these two options, making the water flow more convenient. The Diverter is also compatible with most other brands of hand showers which offer both showerheads.

Square Hi-Rise Design

The Square Hi-Rise design shower arm is one of the many great options for your bathroom. Made of solid brass, this shower arm offers exceptional durability. Its long gooseneck arm, which reaches 12 inches, is incredibly sturdy, and the standard threading dimensions allow for easy installation.

A quality shower arm is an essential item for any bathroom, and the Square Hi-Rise shower arm is no exception. This shower arm is a great way to save money without sacrificing style. Available in a contemporary chrome finish, this shower arm will complement your bathroom accessories and provide years of performance.

Matte Black Finish

This shower arm is 12 inches long and mounted on a contemporary bathroom wall. Its square wall flange is made of brass and has a matte black finish. It features a square brass wall flange. The chrome shower arm is also available in this finish. It’s the highest-quality option on the market.

Another feature of a matte black shower arm is that you can match it with any shower head you’d like. This sleek and elegant accessory has a rust-resistant finish and is durable enough to withstand the rigors of everyday use. Most matte black shower arms are vertical in placement and are adjustable.

Other matte black bathroom accessories include the shower arm, a toilet brush and a towel bar. To create a consistent look, you should upgrade all the fixtures in the bathroom. By changing only the shower head, you may end up spending more than you had intended. It’s important to consider the functionality and style of your bathroom before making a decision.

Sturdy Construction

This black shower arm features a strong stainless steel construction that is easy to clean. Its consistent black finish matches your bathroom’s accessories, including the showerhead. It is compatible with all standard 1/2 inch IPS male connections. Installing this black shower arm is easy, and detailed installation instructions are included. It also has a long life and is very durable.