Breakfast Stools: A Buying Guide for All Homes

Breakfast Stools: A Buying Guide for All Homes

Bar stools might seem like a simple addition to your breakfast area, but choose the right style and they can have a huge impact on your entire home! As with any furniture decision, you’re going to want to take your time in order to make the right choice for you, your budget and your home. Here are a few guidelines for you to follow to ensure that you’re investing in the perfect breakfast stools…

Make Your Measurements

First things first, you’ll need to note down the dimensions of your kitchen, breakfast nook dining area or dining room. Shopping to scale is one of the most important parts of making a successful style selection. Take your numbers with you wherever you shop (particularly online) to ensure that you’re shopping to scale.

Getting the Height Right

Measuring the room dimensions isn’t the only calculating you’re going to have to do. Height is very important when you’re shopping for stools. Measure from the floor to the base of your breakfast bar and remove above a foot or two to get a solid idea of the height of stool that you’re going to need. When in doubt, you can always hunt for stools with adjustable height or swivel features. This will ensure that your new additions will fit perfectly into your space and make it more of a future proof investment, so it’s a great solution.

Decide on Details

Now, not all bar stools are made equal, in fact, you’ll find all manner of differences in details when you’re shopping for styles, A few details to decide on when you’re browsing will include…

Back Rest: A back rest might be essential if you’re planning on using your breakfast stools for dining every morning. Younger children and older persons might really appreciate having that support there whist they’re chowing down first thing in the morning, keep this in mind when considering your style of choice.

Arm Rests: These are not all that common on bar stools, but if you want to prioritise comfort above all things you might want to factor arm rests into your search. These will make your dining experience as close to that of a traditional dining chair as possible, perfect if you want meal times to feel a little more formal on your stools.

Adjustable Functions: Adjustable height and swivel features, as touched on above, are very handy for long term use. These features are very functional and ideal if you’re renting and you know your stools are going to need to work for many different spaces.

Materials and Style Considerations

Materials make all the difference to most furniture, but especially to breakfast stools! If you’re furnishing an industrial home, iron and metal styles that give you more of a functional, commercial feel will work best. Perhaps you’re going for a classic, shabby chic or Hamptons aesthetic? If that’s the case, then lovely soft upholstered styles or painted wood will work amazingly. Veer towards warm timber stool styles for a bohemian, country or just timeless family feel. Whatever best suits your home and your personality will be the right fit, really. Keep an eye on material quality and invest in well made, natural materials to keep loving your breakfast stools for a long time to come.

Are you ready to start hunting for family breakfast and bar stools? Follow these tips, tricks and considerations to make the very best choice possible for you and your family!