Brighten Up Your Kitchen This Winter

The autumn and winter months can be cold and dark, which can result in our homes feeling like they’re constantly lacking in light. This is often true for the kitchen, with lots of wall-mounted cupboards and worktop appliances, the space can start to feel gloomy and unwelcoming. There’s nothing worse than coming home or visiting a house with a dark and dingy kitchen, it doesn’t inspire feelings of happiness or the desire to stay and socialise.

If you’re looking for ways to get some light back into your kitchen during the gloomier months, kitchen designers Colwyn Bay are always on hand to help. Here are some quick and easy solutions to brighten up your kitchen.

Mirrors And Lights

Updating the lighting in the kitchen is the simplest way to achieve a brighter space. Replace dark pendants with pale or even clear shades, upgrade the bulbs in your spotlights, or install some new lighting under the cupboards and near the kickboards to really open up your kitchen.

You could also add in some mirrors, a classic interior design trick. Hang on a wall opposite the window to reflect natural light or display them on cupboard doors to make the space feel more open.

Let Nature In

If your kitchen overlooks the garden area, this view can unfortunately contribute to your kitchen feeling dark and dingy during the winter, the bare trees and no flowering plants isn’t an inviting view.

To counteract this, add in some indoor plants to your kitchen, healthy and lush green plants can work wonders to help your kitchen feel much lighter. Placing the plants on windowsills, worktops and tables helps as the correct positioning helps to inject a feeling of spring.

Declutter The Worktops

In most homes, a kitchen worktop is covered with appliances, chopping boards, cookbooks and storage jars or containers. Although they are all kitchen essentials, they can make the space feel cluttered, leading to it looking darker and more cramped. Kitchen fitters Colwyn Bay understand that storage is important, and that keeping some items on the worktop is unavoidable. Having a decluttering couple of hours and rearranging the cupboards can be very therapeutic and can free up some much needed cupboard space – this can help to make the kitchen feel airier.


Use Lighter Colours

Kitchens are often full of furniture and built in units, making them seem dark and cramped. To combat this, make use of lighter colours – whilst it might not be feasible to repaint cupboard doors, you could make small alterations like changing the handles.

Alternatively, the easiest way to add lighter colours if by changing the accessories in the kitchen. Swap to lighter coloured curtains or blinds, tea towels, rug or even change the artwork to add a brighter feel to the room.

A kitchen is sometimes referred to as the heart of the home. Typically used for entertaining, it is important that a kitchen is not only functional but that it feels bright and inviting as well. Try these handy tips to brighten up your kitchen ready for the dim winter months ahead.