Bring Elements Of Nature To Your Space With 4 Of The Best Floral And Botanical Commercial Wallpapers

Bring Elements Of Nature To Your Space With 4 Of The Best Floral And Botanical Commercial Wallpapers

Add an aspect of mother nature to your next commercial design project with floral and botanical commercial wallcoverings.

Whether it’s a hot and vibrant tropical escape or a subtle and calming retreat in the woods, the right commercial wallpaper choice can be the first step to transporting your visitors. Especially when the space that’s being designed doesn’t really have significant access to a window or a patio, the visual stimulation of having greenspace on a wallcovering is know to emulate a similar feeling to actually being in nature. Whatever your design parameters may be, we’ve outlined some of the 4 best wallpapers to make your next commercial project standout.

Sarah Rowland by Koroseal

Endlessly inspired by the rich natural world around her home and studio in Richmond, Virginia, Sarah Rowland creates colorful patterns and prints for her commercial wallcovering designs. Having received a BFA in Communication Arts and Design from Virginia Commonwealth University, studied Textile Design and Printmaking at the Royal College of Art in London, she also applies her many years of experience as a graphic designer to her commercial masterpieces.

Sometimes bold and graphic, Rowland employs dense repeating patterns of specific leaves and flowers to leave an impact like her designs Mary Jane Grass and Maria Red & Pink. On other designs, Rowland takes a more painterly approach with subtle brush strokes and more of an impressionist interpretation of florals like with Emmy Bone and Charcoal and Maria Pumice and Storm. Perfect for an office lobby or waiting room, Rowland creates relaxing design pieces with a number of different color palettes made to achieve your desired aesthetic.

“I love mother nature and get most of my design ideas from her. She really is the best designer and colorist out there. She also happens to be very generous with her advice!” – Sarah Rowland.

Dahlia by Seabrook

Hypnotic and powerful, the Dahlia design from Seabrook delivers for the ambitious designer looking to add a sense of opulent depth to their commercial projects. Rich tones of gold and brown cascading designs resembling the dahlia flower display on a cascading canvas that draws eyes in and opens up space it’s placed in.

Kurt Johnson by Koroseal

Bring nature indoors with the beautiful high res floral designs by the talented photographer Kurt Johnson for Koroseal. This collection features a number of large and powerful macro photographs of universally loved flowers like lilies, roses, orchids and more making them perfect for use as a feature or accent wall. Featuring bright natural colors that can be found in nature, they create a sense of uplifting joy that’s impossible to miss and sure to add a unique touch to any commercial waiting room.

Leon Rosenblatt by Koroseal

Abstract patterns inspired by botanicals in nature are what Leon Rosenblatt commercial wallcovering designs are all about. Just like the snowflakes many of the original designs are based on, no two wallpapers by this designer look-alike which is what they prefer. Best used in a modern and stylish restaurant lounge or hotel room, this wallcovering would work best as a mysterious backdrop for minimalist furniture, romantic lighting and close quarters.

Small additions of natural imagery into commercial spaces bring a sense of comfort and ease whether is the placement of a live plant, a window, a patch of grass or a floral and botanical-inspired commercial wallpaper. From soothing water-color patterns to more impressionist designs, a botanical commercial wallcovering can fit perfectly into any space you design it for.