How To Bring Mosaic Style Into Your Home

What do you think of when you hear the word mosaic? Ancient Roman baths being unearthed by archaeologists? Cool Mediterranean courtyards with splashing fountains and incredible detail? Fantastic Gaudi architecture? Swimming pools and showers?

Whatever mosaic means to you it encompasses all types of tiling with very small ceramic tiles. And it doesn’t need to include walls. Here are few ideas of how you can bring mosaic style into your house with ceramic wall tiles without needing to re-tile the bathroom.

Natural Stone Shower

Rainfall showers are a big thing at the moment with their natural feeling of rain falling on your head. Make your shower experience as outdoors and natural as you can without going outdoors by tiling the walls of your shower with slate or travertine mosaic. Or recreate the feeling of a grotto by ditching the straight lines and tiling with pebble mosaics.

Kitchen Splashbacks

Glass mosaics are a great way to bring a pop of colour into any room and glass is a great material for kitchens as it is impervious to cuts, heat and splashes. If you have walls without high level cupboards or shelving you could cut your mosaic into an interesting shape to bring a bit of movement to the design too. If all over is too much for your tastes then you could include a line of tiles at the top of your splashback – an ideal solution to trimming tiles if the gap between your worktop and cupboards isn’t a multiple of your tile size.


The Romans are well known for their mosaic floors and there’s not reason you shouldn’t use porcelain floor tiles to create a mosaic effect. As tiling an entire floor with traditional can be extremely time consuming it is possible to buy complete tiles that give the appearance of mosaic but which lay much faster. Another alternative is to use small pieces of offcuts or broken tiles to embed small areas of “crazy paving” mosaic into a larger expanse of standard tiles. This can be as simple as replacing a single tile with a similar area of or you could create a patterned centrepiece, such as a star or circle, then tile round it in normal floor tiles.


Tables get a lot of use – and abuse – throughout their lifetime and often the top surface can become scratched and stained long before it breaks. For a smaller project you can tile the top of the table in a mosaic pattern to inject a new lease of life into it instead of just covering it up with a tablecloth.

Fish Scale Bathtub

If your bathroom could do with a bit of a style boost then mosaic could be your answer. Tiling the whole room may be more work than you have time for but as a smaller project you could cover the sides of your bathtub with iridescent tiles to create an effect similar to fish scales glimmering in tropical waters.