Bulk SMS Services In The Developing Countries

Just like any other successful strategy, SMS is being marketed from a personal, day-to-day feature to a promotional tool. SMS is switched to a more business-oriented Food Truck.com end. Financial activity turns from conventional industries towards media and technology. This brings Bulk SMS to the front line.  Other than the fact that SMS is now an old technology, it still is considered to be an effective communication channel between businesses and their customers worldwide, particularly in the developing countries. 4 out of 5 smartphone users are located in the developing countries.

On the other hand, not all users are being able to access the Internet. Bulk SMS is considered to be a business alternative in order to reach the potential customers with no or restricted Internet access.  Marketing with Bulk SMS is engaging and direct.

Bulk SMS is not considered to be an intrusive approach. However, it is anticipated. This is why branded SMS marketing approach is already thriving on the emerging markets like South Africa, Brazil, Nigeria, Mexico, and Kenya are a few to name. Though the anti-spam filters on an email nearly block every attempt of distributing a high volume data, bulk SMS still happens to be an effective option that helps reach out to the unpenetrated markets. One other factor that contributes to the wide-spread of SMS as a means of marketing is the low cost.  The actual money comes through its benefits specially for the developing regions. What is more crucial here is that you listen to, engage and interact with your customers. It is to be anticipated that the delivery rate and quality are also to influence the overall cost of bulk SMS service. They prove to be the key reasons, that emerging markets come with such low prices.

Bulk SMS applies to several different sectors varying from politics, to agriculture to healthcare and several other kinds of businesses. Particularly in the developing countries, the SMS industry helps in both crime prevention and source of education. The aspect of emergency communication has been greatly commercialized to a great extent, with innovative features greatly serving to the delivery of Bulk SMS Nigeria in cases of emergency, such as natural disasters.

Even after the social media and the Internet penetrates the developing markets to their entirely, bulk SMS will not cease to generate a fair amount of revenue for businesses out there. Until now, no other means of communication have been able to match the effectiveness and directness of Bulk SMS.