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Your restaurant’s kitchen could be in great danger if it has not had a recent kitchen exhaust hood cleaning. You can reduce the risk of flames in your kitchen by having a certified kitchen exhaust hood cleaning from the professionals. We are your first and most important way to protect your kitchen from fire from the grease guild-up in your exhaust system.

We provide cleaning that keeps the restaurant hoods, ducts, and exhaust fans in your commercial kitchen clear of any obstructions that can cause a fire. We follow the standards from the National Fire Protection Association 96 for protection from fire in commercial kitchens. We handle cleaning the kitchen hood, grease removal devices, cover cooking equipment, fans, clearance to combustibles, and fire suppression systems.

Kitchen Exhaust Hood Cleaning

Grease is produced during cooking when the kitchen hood, ducts, and motors are running. The accumulation of this grease is the most common cause of kitchen fires. Since it’s so preventable, a thorough cleaning done on a regular basis can help eliminate this potential risk of fire. A fire in your kitchen means that your kitchen is likely going to be closed for a significant period of time, which is most definitely bad for business.

You won’t just take our word for it that we properly cleaned your system. We provide you with pictures of your system before and after so that you can see that all areas that are accessible were properly cleaned to the standards of the NFPA.  Additionally, we will provide a follow-up report that includes the date of service and what services were provided.

Kitchen Exhaust Hood Cleaning

You’ll also get an in-writing list of any problems with the system and our suggestions for changes to be sure you’re in compliance with NFPA requirements. The report discusses the accessibility of the system for cleaning, and it is designed to help you make your system safer and to improve our service. Finally, we’ll put a Cleaning Certificate of Performance in your kitchen with the date of the next scheduled service.

Having a regular kitchen exhaust hood cleaning in your commercial kitchen is critical to keeping your employees and customers safe. It is also vital to keep your business up and running since a dirty exhaust hood is a leading cause of fires in kitchens. Let us keep you in compliance with NFPA requirements so that you can focus on your business’ expansion and success.