Carpet Cleaning and Allergies

Carpet Cleaning and Allergies

Carpet Cleaning & Allergy Prevention

Millions of Australians are affected by allergies every year. If you have a chronic condition like allergies, you don’t want to have annoying allergens infesting your home. The most common way to eliminate allergens from your home was to get rid of carpets and fabrics. This method is now obsolete and sufferers of asthma and allergies can once again enjoy luxurious textiles. You can have a carpeted house without having to sacrifice your sanity.

What are Allergies and Allergens, You Ask?

Most people are familiar with the concept of allergies. Your immune system can become irritated if it comes in contact with an allergen or foreign substance. There is no one cause of allergies. Pet danders and pollens, moulds, and dust mites are the most common causes. The leading cause of allergy in Australia is dust mites. These tiny insects can cause a lot of damage to your body, despite their great service.

Allergies can be annoying or debilitating. These symptoms can be annoying or debilitating so make sure to visit your doctor.

  • Watery eyes
  • Sneezing
  • Runny nose
  • Rash, hives
  • Breathing problems
  • Inflammation or swelling

What Is The Effect Of Carpets On Asthma Sufferers?

Allergens can cause severe asthma symptoms. Asthma can cause inflammation of the bronchial tubes, which can lead to severe reactions like difficulty breathing, wheezing and inflammation. Asthma should not be taken lightly. To determine which allergens are triggering your asthma attacks, consult your doctor right away.

This disease can be prevented by taking preventative measures. For many years, it was recommended to remove all textiles from your home. This applies to upholstery, rugs and beautiful draperies as well as carpets.

This philosophy made carpets an especially vile thing. Carpets trap allergens at the bottom, which can lead to a storage bank of dangerous material and increase the likelihood of flare-ups. You should not throw away your beloved shag rugs. There have been numerous studies that disprove this practice. Carpets can still contain allergens, even if they are placed on hard floors. Research has shown that carpets are beneficial for allergy sufferers. Carpet traps allergens and deposits them at the bottom of a room. However, they can fly free on a hard surface. Your carpet can be a useful ally in fighting allergies if you do your job properly.

How Can You Prevent Allergens From Carpets?

Short Pile Carpets

Experts recommend choosing a shorter pile when you are looking for a new carpet. While loops, cut-pile loops, and shorter cut-piles provide basic protection from mites becoming airborne, they are less allergen-laden and easier to clean.

Buy an Allergy-Friendly Fibre

All carpet fibres may not be suitable for allergy. In fact, some natural fibres can trigger additional allergic reactions. Wool carpet, for example, is a luxurious and durable carpet fibre that can last decades if it is properly maintained. Wools are more prone to moisture retention than synthetic fibres which can lead to mould allergies. Additionally, wool sheds more than synthetic fibres because it is a natural product.

Asthma sufferers should consider nylon as one of the best fibres. Nylons can be treated to resist allergens, dust, and moisture. Nylon is very durable and stain-resistant, just like wool. Triexta and Polyester are two other carpet fibres that can be used to treat allergy symptoms.

Vacuum – Regularly

Proper carpet cleaning is the key to allergen control. Regular vacuuming of your carpets will prevent allergens buildup from becoming an even bigger problem. As much as possible, assign another person to vacuum your carpets. You can also invest in a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter. HEPA filters ensure that allergens are captured and not blown back into the atmosphere. Although vacuums with HEPA filters are not cheap, they are well worth the investment.

Preventing Allergies with a Deep Carpet Clean | Carolina Kwik Dry

Limit Pet Exposure

Pet dander allergies can lead to serious problems in the home of pet lovers. You can limit the amount of pet dander you are exposed to before giving them up to the shelter. Pet owners often love to cuddle their pets at night. This can lead to allergen buildup in the rooms we frequent most. You should try to keep your pet away from rooms you expect them to spend a lot of time in. Although it may seem difficult at first, your pet and your body will be grateful for the separation later.

What Other Cleaning Methods Can You Use To Control Allergens?

Allergen control is a difficult task, regardless of whether your home has carpeting or hard surface floors. Proper carpet cleaning does not guarantee a safe home. You can reduce the likelihood of an allergic reaction by using these cleaning tips.

  • Dry draperies If you prefer draperies to be hung over blinds or shades, it is a good idea to have them aired out once in a while. Experts recommend that you air out draperies at least once per year.
  • Regularly wash your bedding. Your bedding could easily turn into a buffet for mites. Although anti-microbial bedding is a great investment, regular cleaning is essential. To kill any mites, wash your linens with hot water once per week.
  • Ventilate your house Dust mite droppings, and dander can float in rooms that are not adequately ventilated. Open your windows to let fresh air in and replace the old, polluted air.
  • Hire a professional to clean your carpet. There is only so much you can do in order to stop allergens from taking over your home. To eliminate allergens to the fullest extent, hire a professional to clean and assess your home.

What Can You Expect From Professional Carpet Cleaners?

Experts recommend professional carpet cleaning at least once per year, regardless of whether you are allergic to them. Hot water extraction is the preferred method of cleaning carpets according to most professionals. Hot water extraction is better than vacuuming because it can remove dirt and hair from the surface. While you can rent steamers in your local market, there are many reasons to hire a carpet cleaning service.

  • Professional equipment You can only use over-the-counter products and equipment to deep clean your carpets. Some of these products may aggravate your allergies. Some over-the-counter products can cause moisture to build up in carpets. This can lead to mildew and mould growth. Cleaning solutions can also emit VOCs. Carpet cleaners pride themselves on using top-of-the-line equipment to prevent these unpleasant situations. Their services can also be certified to relieve asthma and allergies.
  • Professional knowledge Carpet cleaners deal daily with allergens. They are experts in dust hiding and can provide a level of attention that cannot be duplicated. Talk to your carpet professional about allergies. Your carpet professional will be able to create a plan that suits your needs.
  • Time is Money – You may not have the time or energy to clean your carpets completely. While you are able to focus your time on other tasks, a professional can quickly and efficiently clean your carpets.
  • Customer Service A professional carpet cleaner will take pride and work hard. Ask your potential carpet cleaner about any affiliations they might be involved in or the guarantees they might offer.

There are several ways to prepare your floors if you hire a carpet cleaner.

  • Declutter – Remove small, fragile items and knickknacks from the areas to be cleaned. Check with your carpet cleaning company for their furniture removal policy. Professionals will often move heavier furniture items at an additional cost.
  • Thoroughly vacuum – Before your guests arrive, be sure to vacuum all areas. This will remove any particles that could hinder the cleaning process.
  • Lift the draperies to ensure that they don’t get tangled or wet during carpet cleaning.
  • Keep your pets Our furry friends can find carpet cleaning equipment loud and irritating. For their safety and that of the professional, keep your pet in a kennel.


To avoid allergic flare-ups, allergy sufferers don’t need to sacrifice basic comforts in their homes. Your carpet should not be an added source of stress, but a luxury amenity. These basic methods can greatly improve the quality of your home’s living. Get in touch with your local carpet cleaning professional to take control of your allergies.