Cheap Swimming Pools-Are they worth it?

Cheap Swimming Pools-Are they worth it?

The Popularity of Pools

Pools are so good to exercise in, or take a few laps, or just lounge in and relax. Several people now have pools in their backyards. There is a pool out there for every kind of person and all their needs. Most people have budget constraints and are tempted to buy cheap pools, and you can get them. Nonetheless, if you do buy one of these, is it worth your time and effort, and most of all, your money? Is there a difference between a pool that is affordable and one that is plain cheap? These questions need answering before you plunge in (pun intended) and dish out cash for the pool of your choice.

You don’t want to compromise on quality, as you will end up spending more in the long run anyway. Sometimes, you may not have the appropriate information at hand and buy a cheap pool. You can still have a fibreglass pool that is affordable yet made of quality material. Weighing possible options is a necessary condition before making such an important investment.

Price Determinants

There are some factors that pool costs depend upon. Several things may influence whether one pool is more expensive than another. There is a huge difference between pools at the high end and cheaper models. The following are aspects to consider:

  • Material -The cheapest pools are the ones made of plastic. They are not durable at all, and soon you’ll be on the hunt for another. There are also fibreglass pools and concrete pools. A pool made of fibreglass isn’t cheap, but it is affordable by many folks. Concrete is the most expensive material used to build a pool today. Both materials are long-lasting and resistant to mold and algae, and fibreglass is easy to maintain.
  • Size – Naturally, larger pools are not cheap swimming pools and are priced higher than small ones. Large pools cost a great deal to manufacture, transport to your property, and install. To run a large pool costs more than to work a small one, and maintenance costs, including water bills and power bills for large heated pools, are high, overall.
  • Surface – You can install your pool above the ground or in it. If you want an above-ground pool, you will have to have a smooth surface, like a concrete slab, to affix it on. This makes the overall price reduce, as compared to having one in the ground. For an in-ground one, you’ll likely have to excavate your backyard to suit the pool, whether it’s a fibreglass pool or any other. There is more labor and machinery involved, so it will cost more.
  • Design – A rectangular pool is a common and standard pool design. This no-frills design is what most people opt for, as its more affordable than if you have a custom designed pool. Furthermore, fibreglass pools come as prefabricated shells, ready to install, so you can’t really select any design that isn’t already prescribed. You can have elaborate designs in concrete pool structures. If you add certain features like bars and steps, etc., your pool cost will only go up.
  • Access – Access to your yard may be easy, but in most cases, pools have to be transported to backyards by machinery like cranes. If your yard’s shape is a bit odd, the pool has to be positioned in a way that it fits ideally. This may take costs up too.

Above Ground Pools

Its easy to see how a number of factors influence the costs of pool installation. If you select a pool to be put in above the ground, your cost will significantly go down. The clear benefits are the lack of digging and excavation. A definite plus point is the fact that you won’t have to go through any additional stress of noise, disruption and the like. This option is especially advantageous if you have children. To get your pool above the ground installed, whether it’s a fibreglass pool or any other, all you require is a surface that is leveled off. You will need an electrical point close by so that machinery can be operated. Contractors advise a concrete slab instead of physically leveling the ground. The ground can shift over time, if the surfacing is not done properly, and your pool may well look askew.

Options Above the Ground

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Once your yard is leveled up, you have the options of selecting from three types of pools. These include vinyl-lined, fibreglass and inflatable pools in affordable categories of pools. These come as ready-to- install kits and have reinforcing features like metal frames. The manufacturer, or pool company only has to deliver the kit, positions the pool, and is ready to fill up with water and use. It’s important to note that you will definitely spend a lot on maintenance and repair work if you buy a cheap swimming pool. It’s better to take a calculated decision and go in for something that’s not too expensive, but you may have to slightly stretch your budget. A healthy pool will compensate this decision for the long haul.

Pools with Vinyl Lining

Installing a pool that has a vinyl lining is a straightforward procedure. What’s great about these, besides affordability, is that you can carry them with you if you move. These pools come with their own repair kits as they can get damaged. Such pools aren’t as hardy as fibreglass pools and are prone to tearing. The lining has to be patched up, so it becomes leak proof once more. Furthermore, the lining will wear off in about 5 to 7 years, and you’ll need to replace it.

Inflatable Swimming Pools

In your desire for a cheap swimming pool, you might just explore the world of inflatable swimming pools. These are made of plastic, to be blown up and filled with water. If you’ve had a paddling pool as a child, this is the adult version. As you can tell, this is quick to get going with, but it’s not a robust option. Durability is questionable and these pools are damaged easily and rapidly by children. The flooring and walls often get ripped, though these pools can be packed up and stored in the winter months. Portability is also possible in case you move.

fibreglass Pools

These are the best pools on the block, strong and well worth the money you spend. A fibreglass pool shell is available in any of the given standard prefabricated designs, and these are primarily rectangular. These can be inserted as in ground pools or as above ground ones. It’s possible to install a fibreglass swimming pool on a slope as well. It’s good to go with one of these as they come with surfaces that are resistant to algae and mold. Maintenance and cleaning are easy, and you won’t have to replace the surface. You can have a small swimming pool (plunge) to further reduce costs. fibreglass pools are a great mid-way compromise between cheap pools and upmarket concrete ones.