Check Out the Top Mid-Century Modern House Plans

Check Out the Top Mid-Century Modern House Plans

If you want to build a customized house, you will find that mid-century is a design that is currently trending. That’s because the streamlined style allows you to embrace a contemporary lifestyle – one that is both modern and practical. Not only does this design plan give your home a more open feel, but it also allows you to utilize a large amount of living space – all on one level.

Mid-Century Modern House Plans that Support that Inspires Dream Home Upgrades

To understand why people like the mid-century house plan, you have to go back to the architectural archives. The mid-century design flourished after the war years or after World War II. During that time, service members and their brides were looking for dream designs – or ways to expand their living space.

The mid-century design allowed people to build modern homes that expanded the living space horizontally, allowing for plenty of room inside. These styles shaped how homes were built from that time to the early 1970s. The design then, as today, promotes openness.

However, mid-century modern house plans today also allow you to add some of the great amenities that make building a dream home both exciting and worthwhile. Today’s homes will enable you to add innovative technology and customize your living space, so it fits your personal and family needs and requirements.

A Popular Choice for Active Families

New mid-century homes feature clean lines and a sweep and angle that are unique only to this retro style. House plans are featured that allows you to build custom houses that cover approximately 3,000 to 5,000 square feet of living space – more than enough room to move about and enjoy family activities.

Homes typically feature 4 or 5 bedrooms with three baths and come with a warranty. During the home building process, you’ll go through several key steps – each construction stage leading to a specific milestone.

First, you’ll discuss what you’re looking for in a home.

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Once that is determined, you’ll enter the pre-construction step. This step entails agreeing on the home’s design and choosing your initial selections. The blueprints are approved during this stage, and permits are filed so the building can start. Customers have access to a portal online to stay in touch with the builder during the process.

So, how long will the building of your new mid-century home take?

Usually, the time for construction covers about nine months. You’ll continue to make selections and go through walkthroughs to ensure you’re satisfied with what’s happening. In addition, you’ll need to apply for a construction loan from which draws are made to implement each phase of the process.

Inspection and Move-In: What to Expect

Inspection and move-in will include reviewing pictures and videos. You’ll also be able to speak to the project manager to ensure that any of your queries are answered.

You can choose from various warranties that cover different aspects of the construction. Typically, the warranties, available through the client portal, are designed for periods of 1, 2, or 10 years at a time.

Build Your Dream Property – Find Out Why the Mid-Century Design is the Preferred Architectural Style

The mid-century design is time-based, but it’s also timeless concerning its popularity and unique and practical style. Find out today why homeowners are picking this design and making it their dream real estate.