Choosing the Right HVAC Filter for You

Choosing the Right HVAC Filter for You

Homeowners and business owners, how much do you know about your HVAC system’s air filters? Do you know what type you have or when it was last changed? If you’re scratching your head with the new-found knowledge that there is more than one type of HVAC filter, you’re not alone. Yet, a properly maintained HVAC filter not only maintains the efficiency of your central heating or cooling system, it directly influences the air quality in your home and office. The purpose of an HVAC filter is to clean the air by capturing particles of bacteria, viruses, allergens, mold, and more that can make you sneeze, cough, or get sick.

Low, Medium, and High-Efficiency Filters

The efficiency of the filter describes how well your system will clean the air. The needed efficiency for your home or business depends on what types of particles are going into the air and what type of HVAC system you have. Lower-efficiency filters are great for preventing lint and dust from clogging up your HVAC system, while medium and high-efficiency filters remove bacteria, smoke, pollen, and other larger particles. Be careful when choosing your filter, because you have to ensure that your system can handle the type of filter you choose. If your system can’t effectively filter air through a higher efficiency filter, you risk damaging the system because it’s working too hard.

Pocket Filters and Media Pads

Pocket filters are more common for business owners that have a constant flow of air and need to filter a lot of particles, such as in schools, auto shops, or restaurants. Pocket filters need to be changed less often than other types of filters. Media pads are a type of pre-filter that work to protect the main system from damaging contaminants. Media pads are inexpensive and can be changed out frequently to extend the life of your more expensive filters.

Pleated and Non-pleated Panel Filters

Panel filters are thin and, like media pads, can be used as a pre-filter to protect your more expensive filter closer to the actual HVAC system. Pleated filters are great for hospitals and doctors offices because they offer a higher level of filtration than non-pleated panel filters that are better for schools or offices.

There are many types of HVAC air filters Richmond that you can choose from to protect both your equipment and the air quality in your home or business. Choosing the correct filters, the correct combination of filters, and maintaining them will help keep your system running longer.