Cleaning The Kitchen Is Necessary For Better Health

Cleaning plays a vital role in someone’s health and if you don’t prioritise cleanliness & hygiene then there are high chances that you will get some serious health issues. Kitchen is where you get the daily meal for energy and spend your time cooking for yourself or your family. If you are not cleaning your kitchen properly then it’s a risk not just for you but for your family especially kids. So why regret later when you can take the action right now.

I am myself a homemaker and spend almost 5-6 hours in the kitchen daily. There are times when the kitchen gets so dirty that I feel leave it as it is but during that feeling, I convince myself to walk that extra step and clean it thoroughly because my kids roam in the kitchen for sweets and cookies. If we don’t keep the kitchen clean, it will give harmful bacteria a chance to pile up on the eatables, crockery and when someone enters the kitchen, it will enter their system via air or even by food causing some serious health issues. Not only that the harmful bacteria and pests will expand their area and cover the entire house. At that moment you will feel helpless because you hadn’t taken the right step when it was necessary.

We moved to a new home last year and before moving I had hired some bond back cleaners from Melbourne for my last cleaning. I was very confident that they don’t have to do much cleaning as I used to clean every now and then. But when they started cleaning the kitchen, I was shocked. The kitchen was messy in such a way that the dust had piled up in the corners and cobwebs were in many places especially in the cupboards in areas that isn’t visible. They even wiped the refrigerator and instructed us not to keep stale items for long because it has the same effect on the food items inside.

Very soon I started recalling the incidences when my daughter got ill. It was some kind of infection and I had thought that it was due to outside food. Now I understood that it was because of the bacteria that I missed while performing kitchen cleaning.

Now every night before going to sleep, I perform a thorough clean and use disinfectant to wipe the messy areas. Other than this, the waste is packed in garbage bags after dinner. Night is the most vulnerable time and the pests are at ease and no one is there to stop them.

So I would suggest my fellow companions who cook to keep your kitchen tidy and maintain hygiene in the house throughout the year if you want to stay healthy and fit

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