Commercial Construction Examples

Commercial Construction Examples

When it comes to commercial construction undertaking, you can find different clientele requests. Sometimes the aspects of the jobs are similar, while others are complete makeovers. Yet, it all depends on the client and their needs. Here are some excellent examples of commercial construction.

1. The Astra Business Centre

An excellent example of commercial construction is the Astra Business Centre in Calgary. The fantastic thing is it used to be a vacant center. Now it is renovated into a shared office and coworking space.

The building is the cornerstone of the Beltline business community. It has a functional network floor plan of shared space, offices, and boardrooms. In addition, you find new infrastructures from bathrooms, kitchens, 69 offices, and common areas to share.

The contractor did the planning and completion of the 18,500 square foot space. The project took 12 months and was completed in 2022.

2. VCAD Calgary Campus Calgary

This was a private project for a college learning institution owned by a Vancouver group specializing in privatized businesses. They also concentrate on design colleges and technical colleges. The Visual College of Art & Design is a flagship learning space.

It enrolls students interested in interior, fashion, gaming, architecture, 3D modeling, and graphic design. It is a small to medium-scale construction that took about four months to complete. The development took place in 2019.

The construction started in a vacant six-story building that used to be an oil gas technical business. Currently, the school occupies half of the main floor and the complete second floor.

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3. The RMG Office In Calgary

Another small-scale commercial construction example is the RMG Office. The scope of the work included the architectural design and the Calgary Building Permit. The contractor demolished the back wall exposing a roll-up bay door.

The back walls were demolished to create a boardroom, and new partition walls build for the kitchen and boardroom to separate the front and back areas. Even new plumbing was done in the kitchen, and the floors were replaced with luxury vinyl planks to give it a modern touch.

The commercial contractors installed new data connections and electrical points and replaced old lighting with LED bulbs.

4. Lobby and Washroom Remodeling

Commercial construction is not only building new retail spaces. Still, it can be renovations done to existing areas like this lobby and washroom renovation done for Morguard. The construction took place on the third floor from the planning to the project’s completion.

The initial construction included demolition, plumbing, electrical, drywall, and fitting of new hardware. In addition, a glass panel was installed with fixtures, hardware, and counters. The majority of the work took place after hours to help minimize the impact on tenants.

5. Manulife Washroom and Lobby Remodel

This is another excellent example of commercial construction compiling a complete renovation of a washroom and lobby on the fourth floor. The scope included demolition of the interior finishes and doing a complete remodeling. The design included custom build-outs, architectural glass, vinyl wallpaper, quartz countertops, LED light fixtures, mosaic tiles, a flat ceiling, to stainless steel partitions.