Commercial Disaster Restoration Services: Restore Your Home After A Fire

When disaster strikes, it doesn’t always come in the same form. Sometimes it could be a storm that causes minor damages to your home or a flood that completely wrecks it. This variety in its form is why there are several companies that provide different types of disaster remediation. So whether your home was hit by a tornado or engulfed in a large fire, there will always be a company that provides the commercial disaster restoration services that you require.

Depending on your location, you might be more susceptible to different types of disasters. Lower places might see increased flooding, while dryer states, like Colorado, will see more fires. Proper fire damage restoration has a number of services that need to be requested in the event of a fire.

  • Air Ducts and HVAC Cleaning

    : this is very important in the aftermath of a fire disaster. If remediation is carried out without the conditioning system being cleaned out, then remediation is incomplete. Failure to do this means that the homeowners would still have to put up with some offensive smells that would have been trapped in the vents and air space. This could affect the occupants’ quality of living and might induce mold growth.

  • Carpet and Upholstery

    : whether the house contained synthetic materials or not (which is hardly the case), there would definitely be some soot generated by the fire. These along with smoke would have settled on the carpets, curtains, furniture and the likes. All the affected material would have to be taken out and thoroughly cleaned out.

Several techniques such as bonnet cleaning, hot water extraction, showcase premier cleaning or just dry cleaning could be used depending on the extent of the damage incurred.

  • Deodorization

    : this is another major concern where fire damage is the problem. Fire, or more pointedly the smoke it produces leaves a very distinct smell in its wake. Don’t make the mistake of assuming that these smell would fade off over time. It doesn’t. actions must be taken to completely rid the affected area of the smell.

This is one of the commercial disaster restoration services that restoration companies provide. With the use of their highly specialized machine and industrial power disinfectants, they can get into otherwise inaccessible areas of your home and remove all unwanted smells.

  • Reconstruction

    : when the fire is a huge one, then there is a likelihood that major repairs would have to be carried out. The structure of the house or parts of it would have faced the full wrath of the fire and would have to be completely demolished so that reconstruction can begin.

This is always the best course of action as simply making repairs might result in a greater loss in the future.

There are several other commercial disaster restoration services that are of importance when a fire disaster occurs. Services such as dehumidification will be required if water was used to put the fire out.

Mold remediation services might also have to be called upon if the increased humidity has resulted in mold growth.

To prevent further damage, it is important that restorative measures be taken as soon as the disaster occurs.