Commercial Solar Solutions Are Available

Commercial solar solutions are more widely available and cheaper than ever before. It is no longer something that your business has to think twice about because of the extremely high cost of installing solar panels on your company’s building. We offer the most professional and reliable commercial solar options in the area. In fact, we have installed both large and small commercial photovoltaic systems since 2005.

We understand that no two buildings are the same when it comes to the right solar system. We offer a wide variety of solar options that can be customized for your business. Our engineers will design a solar system based on your building’s architecture and estimated long-term use of electricity. We can design systems that qualify for LEED certification or meet the standards of local preservation boards. No matter what you need from your PV system, we’ve got you covered.

Solar Solutions

The City of Seattle’s Energy Code necessitates solar power, and the state’s Energy Code R406 allows solar as one of eight choices for meeting facility energy performance minimums for new commercial building construction. Our years of experience working on these types of projects and our ability to offer comprehensive electrical and design information to your architects, engineers, and builders makes us the perfect choice to work with. We can be on-site with all of your contractors and construction managers to make sure that all of the work is done right and according to schedule and budget.

We offer products that are right for each project and that will offer the best value. These include PV modules, mounting systems, combiners and sub panels, inverters, monitoring systems, specialty hardware, and more.

Our detailed bid proposals include PV module specifications, dimensioned CAD drawings with PV module array layouts, fire code compliance, array elevations, structural loads, wind load calculations, ballast block layouts, riser diagrams, inverter and switchgear elevations, and more.

Solar Solutions

Our submittals offer online diagrams, electrical calculations, electrical site plans, and O&M manuals. Additionally, our installation services include hoisting and staging, rough-in and attachments, commissioning, as-built drawings, and manuals. Finally, our operation provides maintenance service, monitoring, and warranty service.

We finish our work on time, and we provide tax credit and incentive information to help your business save money. With our excellent safety record to boot, we are the best company to offer you commercial solar solutions. Give us a call when you’re ready to move ahead with making your building greener.