Common Bugs Found in Basements

There are a lot of great things about having a basement in your home. Think of all the times that your children can go downstairs and have their own space to play. It’s great to have a cool place in your home where you can keep a lot of food storage.  it’s nice to be able to double your square footage underneath your home. However, while there are a lot of great benefits to having a basement inside of your home there are also some downfalls.  Basements are one of the best places for bugs take up residence inside of your home. Here are some of the most common bugs that you may expect to find in your basement.


There’s no doubt that you probably thought about spiders. It seems like spiders are always the number one creature that people find in their basement. Spiders are a big fear of many people and having them roam throughout your basement may be very scary for you. Most of the time children are who spend a lot of time in basements. No mother wants to send their children downstairs where there may be dangerous spiders looking bite them. While most spiders that are living inside of your home are not overly dangerous, there are some spiders that could harm your children. One of the easiest ways to get rid of these spiders is to call a pest control company. They can usually come into your home and have the spiders found, as well as the source, and have them removed from your home so you can feel comfortable sending your children downstairs to play and sleep.

Box Elder Bugs

Have you ever noticed the small creatures that tend to lurk in windows? They are usually black and red in color and are shaped a lot similar to the average beetle. These little bugs are called box elder bugs and they are very common in people’s basements. Box Elder bugs usually come out in great numbers in the summertime when they are looking for places to multiply and stay cool. If you have large trees in your yard you may see a greater number of box elder bugs. If you the trees are located close to your window seals of your basements you are likely to start to see box elder bugs in your basement as they seem to be able to make their way through extremely small cracks.


Once you see one earwig, you are likely going to find a lot more. Because basements often have leaks, earwigs find them to be great places to live. Earwigs like to live in dark, cool, damp places and what better areas than a basement with a small leak? If you are seeing earwigs in your basement you are going to want to start looking for any water sources that they may finding in your home. Earwigs are fairly harmless, but they are definitely able to scare your little ones with the pincher on their backend.