Common Causes of Air Conditioner Condenser Problems in Singapore

Singapore has a tropical climate, and the air conditioner is one of the most cherished devices. Living in Singapore without a hot temperature is not easy. You probably would need an air conditioning system to create a conducive living or working environment for yourself. The air conditioning helps cool your home’s temperature. However, you might encounter occasional challenges when your air conditioner is not functioning properly to cool your room.

Therefore, if at any time you realize your air conditioner isn’t working perfectly or the efficiency has dropped, that means you might have issues with your air conditioner condenser. Most split or central air conditioners have two separate units. One indoor and one outdoor unit. The outdoor unit of aircon is known as the condenser. The condenser consists of the compressor, a blower, and the condenser coil. While the indoor unit of the air-con passes air out of the evaporator, both units are linked through a pipe that runs through the walls.

Air conditioning problems may start to occur when the condenser is faulty. The fault that might arise include a considerable reduction in energy efficiency and not cooling a room enough. If such problems start to occur, then you should contact an experts air conditioner service provider to prevent further issues. If the problem is not detected on time, it might worsen the situation which might lead to a serious problem or compressor failure. Some of the causes of condenser failure are common why some are uncommon.

Power Supply Issues

Immediately you notice any problem with your condenser, the first thing to do is to check the motors inside the condenser for any power supply issues. The compressor and motors’ wiring might be faulty. And it might be an issue with electrical relays and capacitors. At times, the compressor might refuse to turn on, or the fan may stop working. Irrespective of what happens, you should immediately call an experienced air conditioner technician to check your condenser for any electrical failures.

Dirt May Have Stuck In The Condenser Unit

The condenser is located outside the house, and this makes it prone to dirt which might accumulate in it. Debris like a stick, pieces of stones gravel, and leaves, might be stuck in the condenser unit. This will affect AC functionality. It is important to keep the outdoor unit from debris. Ensure nothing is blocking the outdoor unit, and always keep the area clean to prevent any flying objects around to be into stuck in it.

Dirty Air Filter

A dirty air filter is one of the reasons, and the air conditioning unit will not work perfectly. In addition, air condition needs a good flow of air into the room. So a dirty air conditioner filter will not allow cool air to be produced to cool your room properly. You should ensure regular cleanup of your air filter at least once a month. If you maintain your air conditioner properly, you will continue to get cool air.

Leaking Coolant

Condenser functions by circulating refrigerant or coolant through compressor and coils. The indoor and outdoor units are connected through pipes from inside to outside through the walls. Therefore, the condenser circulates the refrigerant through those pipes, which enables the exchange of heat between the inner and outside units. The entire performance of the air conditioner can be affected if there is a leakage in the connected coils and pipes. However, pipe and coil leakages are common problems. You should contact an experienced air condition technician if you notice a leakage in the condenser.

Dirty Evaporator

An evaporator is an outdoor unit of an air conditioner and one of the most important. The evaporator should always be cleaned to ensure the proper functioning of the air conditioner. The air conditioner may not work efficiently if the evaporator is dirty. Ensure you do regular maintenance and cleaning of all parts of your air-conditioning system. Schedule a cleanup for all parts of your air-conditioning system at least once a year.

Frozen Condenser

At times if the air conditioner doesn’t work properly, it might be that the condenser is frozen. A Frozen condenser is another issue that might affect your air conditioning functionality. If the condenser is frozen, the units’ air condition system will not cool your room properly. In addition, Show Regular maintenance checks to prevent a frozen condenser. Before you hire or choose any air conditioning repair specialist or services, kindly check their reputation of the service provider.

To prevent most of the airconditioning problems, you should ensure regular maintenance of the AC. There is some minor maintenance you can do yourself monthly to avoid severe damage. With regular maintenance, your system will be fit and running smoothly. Before you hire an air condition technician, ensure you do background check for their reputation.

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