Common Mistakes That You Must Avoid While Moving A Gun Safe

Common Mistakes That You Must Avoid While Moving A Gun Safe

Moving a gun safe can be a challenging operation without the proper tools. It involves a great deal of physical power and can be hazardous to both the performer and others around them.

Here in this post, you will learn about the common mistakes that you must avoid while moving a gun safe. Whether you’re relocating a safe from an apartment to a house or downsizing, it makes no difference.

To avoid mistakes while moving a gun safe, first, you’ll need a good movement strategy. Moving a drawer gun safe across great distances is likewise tricky, but it doesn’t imply you can’t accomplish it.

However, if you are unsure how to perform all the moving duties on your to-do list, you should employ a trustworthy safe moving company.

While you may move your gun safe on your own, I recommend enlisting the assistance of three or at least four strong persons to ensure the work is done correctly.

Some Gun-Safe Moving Mistakes That One Must Avoid:

Mistake 1: Not Checking That You Have The Proper Equipment

Whenever you plan to move a gun safe you must make sure that you have the proper equipment to avoid any mistakes. If you wish to relocate your gun safe, acquire the following items:

  • Dolly used to transport furniture or appliances
  • Straps for security
  • stair climbing dollies or pallet jacks
  • A pair of thick gloves

If you’ve never used the equipment before, it’s best to test it beforehand to reduce the possibility of failure or mistakes while moving a gun safe.

Mistake 2: Not Taking A Note Of Safe’s Weight And Dimensions

Did you look up the weight and dimensions of a safe before purchasing it? After having the gun safe in their house for a long, most individuals forget to do this before relocating.

During the move, you should keep your safe’s size and weight in mind. Check out and chat with friends who have already got a chance to experience the services of gun-safe movers in Dallas, TX. Gun safes are made of thick steel. Unfortunately, as a result, they are large and difficult to transport.

If you haven’t purchased your gun safe yet, you may explore some lighter versions in the future, and you’ll avoid one of the most common blunders people do while relocating. Furthermore, after everything is completed, relocation will be a lot easier.

Mistake 3: Not Checking That Your Gun Safe Is Empty

Weapons are, as you are presumably aware, hefty. As a result, if you put many pistols, handguns, and ammunitions within your gun safe, it will become nearly twice as hefty.

If you do not empty the gun safe and it is inadvertently dropped, you risk destroying it. Furthermore, these unanticipated fees will not help you identify the cheapest route to move out of state.

Furthermore, for everyone’s safety, make sure you do not transfer loaded firearms to your gun safe.

Mistake 4: Moving A Gun Safe Without A Dolly

As we all know that a gun safe is quite heavy and moving it without a dolly is a tedious task. It is advised to use a dolly for the relocation of the gun safe to avoid any mistakes.

Following the installation and strapping of the two-wheeler safe, you must do the following steps:

  • Reposition the dolly. You may need the assistance of many persons to place a dolly with a safe in this position.
  • When transporting the cabinet using a hand truck, have two or three persons assist you. To keep the cabinet stable, have them hold it up.
  • After placing the gun safe on the truck, tilt the hand truck back and carefully adjust it until it completely rests on the truck’s bottom. Carefully pull the dolly away from the object after detaching the load strap from behind it.

Mistake 5: Damaging The Floors While Moving A Gun Safe

It’s about time to begin relocating the safe. To avoid property damage, such as carpets, linoleum, tile, and other floors. You must know how to move a gun safe properly.

Dolly wheels might become tangled in the carpet or difficult to turn. Furthermore, tiles are prone to cracking under the weight of a gun safe, especially when the whole load is placed on a dolly’s two wheels.

You may protect yourself and your flooring by planning ahead of time throughout the relocation process. As cushioning, a roll-out mat or many blankets can be employed. It will help to cushion the floor’s surface.

The firm surface protects the floor by preventing scratches and acting as a foundation for it. Steel sheets are also appropriate for the hard surface.

As a consequence, the weight of the safe will be spread equally throughout the whole surface, and the strain on your floor will be reduced. Although plywood can be used, it breaks when subjected to severe weights.

The usage of hard surfaces will be limited, and tight curves will be especially difficult. When moving the safe, keep it moving smoothly across exposed sections of the floor.

Mistake 6: After You’ve Moved It, You Have Not Secured It In Place

After you’ve placed your gun safe precisely where you want it, you must do one more thing. After that, you should secure it.

This is a required measure to avoid theft. When purchasing a fingerprint gun safe, ensure that it includes locking bolts that will secure it to the ground or the wall. Once this final step is finished, the gun safe is ready for use.


If you’re a gun aficionado, you undoubtedly have a gun safe. As a responsible gun owner, you must have a portable car safe. When contemplating a cross-country relocation, moving a gun safe might be a real headache.

It’s heavy and large, so transporting it from one site to another can be difficult. However, even if a safe weighs more than a thousand pounds, you can still move it using the methods described above and avoid the above-said mistakes.