Cost of Fence Installation in 2022 | Materials Guide

Cost of Fence Installation in 2022 | Materials Guide

There are many reasons why homeowners want to install a fence around their property, such as keeping children safe within the property, preventing their dog from running out into the street, keeping their neighbor’s kids off your garden, or just the desire to have some privacy.

However, the most common reason homeowners are reluctant to install a fence is the cost implication. Many aren’t just sure whether they will have to break the bank to embark on such a project.

In this article, we present a materials guide on how much it would cost you to do a fence installation. Click “visit website” for more information about fence installation and fence materials.

Cost Factors for Fence Installation

There are a few factors to consider when calculating the cost of fence installation. According to Home Advisor, the cost of labor and materials will each constitute up to half of the overall cost of installing a fence. The price will also be influenced by the size of the area to be fenced as the quantity of material to be used will depend on the area size.

The following are the factors to consider to be able to calculate the cost of installing your fence:

Fence Material

There are many options when it comes to fence materials, the standard choice being a wood fence, and vinyl fence taking over. Some of the other options include chain-link, wrought iron, steel, or aluminum. The cheapest fence material is the chain-link, which is around $17 per linear foot. The most expensive is the wrought iron fence, which is $40+ per linear foot.


One of the things you may want to find out is if a permit is required to build a fence. Depending on your local building codes, there may be some restrictions on the type of materials, and the height of your fence. A professional local fence contractor should be aware of these codes and permits. The average cost of building permits is between $400 and $800.


Fence installation is a very intensive project, and labor cost is usually up to 50% of the total cost. The rates are determined by the type of material of the fence and the magnitude of work that will be involved in the installation of the fence posts. The average cost of labor for building a fence is between $30 and $80 per hour. Most professional fence contractors can complete 150 linear feet within 20 hours.

The Location

Location is another cost determinant. For example, fence installation would cost more in a rural area because it would involve the transportation of materials and laborers from a long distance. Also, depending on your region, some fence materials could cost more. If your fence is located in an area that is difficult to reach such as a hill or rock, you may have to pay extra for location obstruction. Some of the factors that could make accessibility more difficult include narrow space, overgrown trees, and parked vehicles.

Ground Condition and Trees

The presence of one or more trees can also attract additional costs on fence installation as they may need to be removed. This is mainly because the process of digging post holes will be slowed down if there is a huge root system, thereby increasing labor costs. This also goes for existing concrete or rocky soil. The contractors may need extra equipment to bore through bedrock at the post depth – if one is found.

The Average Cost of Fence Installation

The average cost of installing a fence ranges from $2,000 to $8,000. This cost is influenced by the material, height, style, and length of the fence. Good knowledge of how material types and styles influence the cost can help you to make the right choice for the fencing of your home.

There are many material options available for your fence project and the cost of installation will be between $5 and $55 per linear foot. The following are some of the common materials used for fencing.

  • Chain Link Fence: This is the most cost-effective material that can be used for your fence, and it is available in many colors including brown, metallic, and green. They come in varying heights such as 4’, 5’, and 5’ (That is not to say that there are no other available height options). Depending on the style and height, the cost of chain line fencing will range from $5 to $15 per linear foot.
  • 4’ wood picket fence: This is another cost-effective option that costs an average of between $5 and $15 per linear foot. The most popular options for a wood fence are cedar, redwood, and pressure-treated. One of the good things about this option is that you can either leave them in their natural color or paint them to almost any color you want. While they are a decorative choice, pickets do not offer security and privacy, when compared to some other material options.
  • 6’ wood privacy fence: if your aim is to add some privacy to your yard, the wood privacy fence can be a suitable material choice. This fencing option is available in many styles including shadowbox, stockade, and solid board. When it comes to the average cost per linear foot, the 6’ wood privacy fence is between $8 and $16, depending on the choice of wood and style.
  • Aluminum fence: This type of fence is another maintenance-free option that is very durable and has an upscale look. Because of its durability, an aluminum fence is a good option to add security to your property. Because it is not susceptible to rust, an aluminum fence proves to be an excellent alternative to a wrought iron fence. The cost of installation is between $20 and $45 per square foot.
  • 4’ vinyl picket fence: This option is more expensive than wood. The good thing about vinyl is that it is beautiful and requires little or no maintenance. Many homeowners particularly love this option because the cost of installation can be recouped over its lifetime simply by avoiding painting and staining costs. Unlike wood, vinyl is not prone to rot. This makes it last longer. The average cost of a 4’ vinyl picket is between $25 and $35 per linear foot.
  • 6’ vinyl privacy fence: This vinyl option is great for privacy and its installation per linear foot costs between $30 and $55. Again, while vinyl fences may seem expensive, you should not forget that they are beautiful and require no maintenance.

Bottom Line

A lot of things have to be factored in when trying to calculate how much it would cost to install a fence on your property. The major influencing factors are the type of material, the size of the fence, and the cost of labor.

Do well to work with an experienced fence contractor and you can be sure you are in safe hands for fence installation.