Creative Lighting Ideas For Your Home

Creative Lighting Ideas For Your Home

Lighting is what makes any interior comes to life. With proper lighting, you can change the vibe of your home into something that you like. And of course, you can change it into whatever you want with some creative lighting setups. Here are some of the best and most creative lighting ideas for your home.

Pendant Lighting

One of the best ways to make your home feel more alive and elegant is by using pendant lighting. If you are not familiar with pendant lighting, it is a type of lighting that involves a single bulb hanged or suspended in the air. The design of this type of lighting serves to reduce the glare of the bulb and make the lighting looks more aesthetically pleasing.

You can find all kinds of pendant lightings on the market. For example, some popular materials are paper, plastic, glass, and metal. Depending on what kind of look you want to get, some materials are going to look better than the others. The shapes also vary, from globes to woven cages. My point is that you can let your creativity flows freely while setting up pendant lighting for your home.

Use Lighting to Highlight Unique Features

If you are proud of some parts or items in your home, why not show them to everyone? You can easily do that using lighting to highlight some parts of your home. The trick here is using low-level lighting. For example, you can use low-level lighting set into the floor to illuminate some features, such as exposed brick or stone.

Try to play a bit more with the light and shadow to highlight some key features that you like. Let’s say you want the staircase leading to the 2nd floor to look more elegant. Use low-level lighting to accentuate each step so the staircase can look more beautiful.


Similar to pendant lighting, we have chandeliers. One chandelier in the living room could elevate the entire area in an instant. Not to mention that chandeliers are great at providing illumination compared to plain old light bulbs. So, they do not just look. And speaking of looks, you have plenty of options here. Some popular chandelier designs are rustic wooden, classic crystal, and chrome glam. Try matching the chandelier design with the overall look of your room, or even your entire home.

Practical Lighting

I have talked a lot about using lighting to highlight some features or make your home looks more elegant and beautiful. But we can’t forget about practical lighting, especially if you are working from home. For many people who work from home, be it as a programmer or an artist, practical lighting can make you more productive.

For example, you can put strip lighting under cabinets in kitchens, so you can cook with ease even at night. Use daylight bulbs for your home office, so you can work without squinting your eyes. Bright lighting could also lift your mood while working.

Skylights and Windows

Now here is an idea that is both aesthetic and practical, skylights and windows. We all know how important natural lights are. Whether you are working from home or just want to relax while you are home, natural lights can help a ton. And one of the best ways to maximize natural lights is by installing skylights and windows in strategic places.

If you think your home lacks natural lights, then it’s time to let them in. Place windows and skylights in the right places, and your home will light up during the day. Maximizing natural lights in your home can be a great and exciting project for you.

Playing with lighting is always fun. It’s like a type of home upgrade that you can feel yet affordable. From aesthetic to practical, lighting can be anything. So why don’t you start working on your lighting today with these creative lighting ideas?