Creative Staircases For Your Home

Are you tired with the boring and overdone wooden stairs or over-the-top marble steps? You won’t find anything that’s monotonous in here. What you can expect is a palette of options that will stimulate your imagination to the levels you don’t expect. Get creative and transform your house into a completely stunning and effortless with the simplest change, that is the stairs. You don’t believe us? We dare you to read our article and change your mind while doing just so.

Vingardium Leviosa

With this simple spell, any wizard in the Harry Potter world could levitate a chosen object at any time and any place. But let’s not stop the place of wonders to end only in the books! You can have that as well with the stairs that give the impression of levitating. How is it done? The steps are manufactured from a preferred material and placed on the metal support beams that are coming out of the wall, creating the illusion of levitation. This compounds an ultra contemporary look and is a true statement for your home. It seems like the steps are loosely scattered around, but in reality, they’re super stable construction. Remember though, that’s not the construction to have in house full of kids running around.

Through the Looking Glass

What can you say about glass stairs? They’re modern, impressive and visually effective. Glass stairs design are made with thick material give you an unforgettable and spectacular experience. They will look great with balustrades and handrails made out of metal elements with a shiny finish. If you need lighter in your space, definitely go for those, as they reflect the natural light and create an illumination of rainbow-like colours. Glass stairs are the perfect solution for any modern interior, but might be troublesome for those that are scared of height. But if you trust them, you will be enchanted with the beautiful, extraordinary view every day.

Beauty of Monochrome

One material can be used for the production of each element of the stairs. Steel, iron and many other metals are a fantastic addition for contemporary and creative interiors, that ties together elements into one big picture. Get creative with matte paints or go for the practical lightning that will illuminate the steps during the night so you can feel safe. Isn’t this a practical solution for the happy and always running kids? Give it a go!


Spiral stairs are a much-needed solution for tight interiors, in which every inch of space must be considered or saved. Despite their unquestionable comfort of use, spiral stairs are definitely the type that’s the most decorative. Instead of going for the classic look of them, try to create a design that resembles a tree going straight to heaven. You can get the results by structuring the supporting column in the middle in a sophisticated and uneven trunk-like shape instead of just plain and round column supporting the flat steps. This warm, charming addiction is excellent for any tight spaces and will match perfectly with your new balustrades and handrails.

Mix & Match

Contemporary stairs can be extraordinary for various reasons. What happens if you mix the independence of “levitating” stairs and mix up the materials you like? Let’s say you have neutral tones downstairs but the upper floor has a rustic design. To make those styles blend in together, you can use the design of your stairs. You can use marble for the bottom part and wood or metal for the top. Sounds interesting? It sure is!