Custom Slate and Stone

At Custom Slate and Stone we know our business, and our business is made to measure hearths. Whatever design you have in mind, we can bring that vision to life. Our expert stone mason has spent years learning how to bring out the natural beauty of every piece of stone he works with, and he will meticulously craft the perfect hearth for your home. We understand how important the right hearth is for the look of your room, and we can help you make the best choices for your project. We take pride in what we do at Custom Slate and Stone and we are not happy until you are delighted.

Slate Hearths versus Granite Hearths

There are a number of considerations when designing your hearth, but the choice of material is perhaps the most important one. Custom Slate and Stone offer a choice of slate or granite. Both of these materials are ideal for hearth stone as they are durable and heat resistant to very high temperatures. However, there are subtle differences between these materials that may ultimately help you make your decision, and get the look you want.

Made to Measure Slate Hearth

Slate is a classic. It has been the material of choice for hearths for centuries and it is indeed a simply elegant choice. Slate is a formed through the compression of shale over millennia resulting in a layered texture which make the stone appear soft to the touch while in reality it is extremely durable. Our slate is riven finish, which means it is split naturally along defined cracks. This process produces a beautiful texture which truly exposes the rich colours of the slate. A riven slate hearth is very traditional in that it showcases slate with all its character and subtleties, creating a rich, timeless look. A made to measure slate hearth will also patina over time giving it character and a “lived in” look.

Made to Measure Granite Hearth

Granite is an excellent alternative to the traditional slate hearth, and it becoming very popular. Not only is it scratch resistant and durable, but it is very uniform in colour and easy to clean. Our granite is black granite which is perfect for use as hearth stone and creates a sharp, clean look. Unlike a riven slate hearth, black granite hearths will not patina and will look the same as it does today for many years to come. A made to measure granite hearth can be honed or polished depending on the design application and will bring a contemporary style to any home.

Whether you chose riven slate or black granite hearths, Custom Slate and Stone will be with you every step of the way. From the first phone call to the final installation, we will help you make your fireplace the heart of your home.