Decluttering Your Storage Room: Tips For This End Season

Is your storage room overstuffed with old furniture, broken toys, tools and a myriad of other junk items? Is it so messy that there is little to no room for new items? Do you feel a headache coming on every time you have to retrieve something from there? If this sounds like your storage room, then it’s time to declutter.

Storerooms are often neglected places that end up with every unwanted item in the house. It happens when you try to create space in your living rooms by moving items that are out of use to the storage room. While  it’s a good idea to create more space in your more frequently used rooms, it does not mean that the storage room should be in a mess!

Why is it important to declutter your storage room?

–           Saves time; A disorganized storage room will cost you an inordinate amount of time and effort as you try to retrieve items that you need.

–           Relieves stress; Decluttering gives you a sense of control over the storage room. Having a messy storage room can leave you feeling anxious, helpless and overwhelmed.

–           More space; Organizing your storage room saves you space and helps the storage room accommodate newer items.

Why is so difficult to declutter the storage room?

Storage spaces can easily turn into a dumping ground where everything that is not in use is kept. They are therefore so full of junk! It takes a lot of effort, courage and discipline to face a dirty storage room with years’ worth of junk items.

Here are five tips to help you turn your storage room into a neat, tidy room without getting overwhelmed.

5 Tips to declutter your storage room

1.      Make a plan

Storage Room

It is easy to lose your motivation or hit a stumbling block and call it quits in such a seemingly big home project. Therefore, a plan comes in handy.

Here are a few pointers to help you come up with a solid plan for your storage decluttering project.

a.         Have a schedule

Incorporating a schedule in your plan will help you be accountable with time spent on your storage room. This will help you avoid long, boring decluttering sessions and help you  stick to shorter sessions.

b.         Start by cleaning

We do recommend you start your decluttering by taking out all the items from your storage space and cleaning the room thoroughly. During this time, you can fix all broken windows, coat any damaged floors, and even repaint the room.

2.      Group your items

When handling a decluttering project it is helpful to sort out your items. Make three categories; what to keep, sell and get rid off. After deciding on what to keep, you can proceed to sort the items according to their functionality and frequency of use. This helps you know where each item should be placed in the room.

3.      Sometimes, our problem is just a lot of stuff

On many occasions, you will only be able to solve your decluttering problem by disposing of some items. Ruthlessly purge all the unwanted stuff and remain with the bare necessities that you actually need.

Here are some ideas on how to dispose of your items;

  • Sell; You can make few coins off your clutter by conducting a garage sale. Check out for garage sale dates in your neighborhood or home town and get your clutter ready to sell.
  • Donating; Donate any items that are still in good condition but you no longer need. This can include, clothes, furniture, and other household items. Donate to shelters, churches and goodwill.
  • Recycling: Items such as glass, paper, and plastic can be taken straight to the recycle bin.

Storage Room

4.      Get some uniform storage solutions

After purging all the unwanted stuff, it’s time to arrange your items in an orderly fashion. Opt for boxes and small bins that are clear or can be easily labeled when arranging your items. This will help you have easy access to the items you need when retrieving them. However, be selective with what goes in the bins, or else they will end up being a catch-all clutter, dumping bins for unwanted items.

5.      Reassess after a few months

We’d highly recommend reassessing your storage room after a few months. Go through the items you kept and see if you have been using them and if you really need them. This will help you to further purge items that you no longer use.


Don’t let your storage room become a dumping space. Commit yourself to keeping your storage room tidy by letting go of all the junk items that no longer serve you.