Decorate Your Bedroom With A Floating Wood Shelf

Floating wood shelves look great in just about any room. One of the better rooms you can place them in is the bedroom. There are a variety of styles and reasons for doing so.

Building your own floating wood shelf isn’t as difficult as you might expect either. You can choose to buy a new one or give it a go for yourself.

In this article, we’ll tell you how a floating wood shelf can benefit your bedroom. We’ll also give you a few popular ideas for how and where to place them.

If you would like to improve your bedroom with a floating wood shelf, take a look below!

Benefits of Using Floating Wood Shelves in Your Bedroom

Decorate Your Bedroom

#1 – Saving Space

Floating wood shelves don’t require the use of floor space. They can be mounted directly onto your wall, leaving your bedroom feeling more spacious.

#2 – Storing Your Gear

Using your walls to increase the amount of storage space you have in your bedrooms is also useful. You can store more gear with these contemporary floating shelves than you could before. It also allows you to take more stuff from the floor, further improving the amount of free space you possess.

#3 – Room Aesthetic

Finally, floating wood shelves look fantastic in the bedroom. It improves the overall looks and aesthetic of the room.

Ways to Decorate Your Bedroom with Floating Wood Shelves

Decorate Your Bedroom

#1 – Floating Wood Shelf Over the Bed

A single floating wood shelf over your bed makes for a major improvement. You either put it above the backboard of your bed (if it has one) or on the wall that your bed is up against.

If you want a longer floating wood shelf, then the side wall would be your best option. It provides a longer free space than the backboard. However, you should also account for the fact that to reach anything on your side-wall shelf would require you to get on your bed.

If you chose to put one above your backboard, it wouldn’t be as long. However, most people find this look more pleasing. Neither way is better than the other. The only factor is what looks and works best for you, personally. Also, do check out for some of the best wood floating shelves out there.

#2 – Scaled Floating Wood Shelves on the Far Wall

Scaled floating wood shelves are mounted at differing levels on your wall. They may also be different lengths to improve the aesthetic of the room.

You would typically place scaled floating wood shelves on the far wall for the sake of space. Mounting several floating picture ledge wood shelves requires a lot of free space on your wall to pull off.

If you plan it well, you can mount them on either side of any picture ledge floating shelf you have up as well.

#3 – Floating Wood Bookshelf

Do you have a number of books piled over your bedside table? You may want a floating wood bookshelf to resolve this. You would normally place a floating wood bookshelf on the wall shelves and ledges with your door or the wall with the most space.

If you do want to place books on a floating wood shelf, it will need to be mounted from the ground to support them. If you don’t, the books may overwhelm the floating wood shelf.

#4 – Triangle of Floating Wood Contemporary floating shelves

A very nice floating wood shelf setup involves mounting two identical shelves next to one another and a third above and centered between them. There’s something about a triangular setup that builds on the aesthetic of most bedrooms.

A triangle of floating wood shelves offers you a huge amount of storage space as well. You can keep a lot of stuff on them. If you do mean to keep many things on these shelves, it would be wise to mount the lower two shelves from the floor up just in case.

This style of floating wood shelves requires a great deal of wall space. You should mount them on whichever wall has the most space. Make sure there’s enough free space on the ground as well to mount them properly to support the heavy weight.

Create Your Own Design!

Decorate Your Bedroom

These are just four of the many different kinds of floating wood shelves that you could use in your bedroom. If you plan to build your own shelves, then feel free to design them however you like.

The important thing is that you like how it looks and the shelves serve their purpose. So long as that happens, any design is perfect!