Diet for Athletic Teens

Diet for Athletic Teens

As a developing athletic teen, you have to pay attention to your diet. You will be glad to know the diet for a sports teenager doesn’t necessarily mean special diets and supplements. But eating reasonable portions of healthy food and combining it with your fitness plan is an excellent way to prepare as an athlete.

We all know that kids use excessive energy at the growth stage, but teen athletes use up even more. Asides from the need for energy to perform, eating right helps the muscles and bones develop.

You can look at things to consider when deciding on the best diet for teen athletes.

Eat Good Portion of Food

It is natural for athletes to burn energy faster, so they need to eat many proper nutrients, especially calories, for optimal sports performance and growth. Not eating enough food will show in the rate their body grows and make them weak and quickly tired. On the other hand, they should eat enough calories to make them fast and stronger muscles.

Weight Loss Dieting

Teen athletes tend to put themselves under pressure to look a certain way either because of the type of sport or the usually teenage insecurities. The thing is, teen athletes need all the energy they can get. So, a weight loss diet is not always a good idea. If you must be on a weight loss diet as a teen athlete, we advise you to speak with a professional.

Balanced Diet

How to Make Healthier Lunches for Your Student Athlete – Cleveland Clinic

The body will make demands for energy and other nutrients, which is why you must each the right blend of balanced food. However, energy-giving food is not the only standard your food needs to check. Vitamins and minerals like calcium and iron are essential for bone development. Also, vital vitamins that boost the immune system are necessary for a healthy athlete.

Avoid Dehydration

Water is as vital as food is to the functionality of athletes and non-athletes. Athletes, however, get dehydrated at a faster rate and must replenish the water loss. Dehydration causes headaches and weakness. It can cause more severe conditions if not managed properly. Unfortunately, there isn’t any standardized quantity of water intake teens should satisfy, depending on the size and weather temperature.

Food to Eat on Game-Day

You will need to pay attention to the type of food and the time of consumption. You will need to eat very well 3 to 4 hours before the game. Some foods leave you feeling more stuffed than usual, sluggish and sleepy.

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