Different Types Of Outdoor And Patio Furniture Covers To Choose From

You will get a lot of different types of furniture covers to choose from according to the type of the furniture you have and want to cover. You will get covers for:

  • Front porch rockers
  • Poolside chaise lounges
  • Conversation sets and picnic tables and all types of patio furniture.

This will keep the items well protected from the natural as well as environmental elements such as rain, wind, snow, dust and UV rays of the sun. When you cover your furniture, it will keep it looking pristine and will not only appeal to you but to your visitors as well.

However, before you start your search for overs, check out all the recommendations so that you find the right patio furniture covers for your piece.

The basic categories

Outdoor And Patio Furniture

Patio furniture covers typically can be divided into two basic categories according to its features. These are:

  • Universal covers: These covers are designed to match the different types and styles of furniture. These are the standard patio furniture covers that will fit on any piece of furniture that falls within its predetermined and standardized dimensions.
  • Tailored covers: These are the custom covers that are made to order for a perfect fit, especially for specific pieces of patio furniture. The covers are designed and tailored precisely to coordinate with the particular furniture lines to provide more protection to it with its snug fit as compared to the universal covers.

However, you can also use tailored covers as universal covers as long as the dimensions of it match with the specific type of furniture.

The features to look for

There are a few specific features of outdoor patio furniture coversthat you should look for while shopping for outdoor furniture covers. It is ideally required to use a cover or covers that iseasy to use. These features include:

  • Tie-downs and fasteners: Covers may come with different types of fasteners such as buckles, elastic and other systems to keep it in place in inclement weather conditions and strong winds. These usually are secured to the legs of the furniture to prevent it from blowing away.
  • Water resistant fabric: Since patio furniture will be on the outside of your house, it is better that you buy waterproof patio furniture covers. This will provide more value to your investment as well as your furniture. It will not only prevent the pieces from damage, rusting if it is metal or rotting if it is wood but it will also render convenience because sitting on a wet patio furniture is extremely uncomfortable.
  • UV protection: Apart from the water-resistant feature, you should also choose materials that will be UV resistant as well. Vinyl, polyester, and canvas are some of the most popular fabrics chosen for patio furniture covers because all of these provide protection from both water and UV rays.

Most importantly, look for proper ventilation in the covers. The cover design should be such that it is not only waterproof but also lets air inside. This will prevent condensation, rise in humidity levels and mold growth.