DIY Improvements That Can Add Value to Your Property

DIY Improvements That Can Add Value to Your Property

Whether you’re preparing to put your house on the property market or looking for ways to maximise its long term appreciation, we have written this article to show you how making simple DIY improvements can add value to your property.

The best about it is that once you have all of the tools and materials, the majority of these DIY improvements can be completed over the course of a weekend and they don’t require a lot of experience either. Making even the smallest of changes can make all a difference from modernising your patio door lock, adding a fresh coat of paint to upgrading your bathroom mirror.

Ready to increase your property’s value? Read on!

Clean Your House’s Exterior

When it comes to making your house clean and sparkly, a clean exterior is just as important as the interior. In fact, property experts say that washing the outside of your house can add thousands of pounds to its sale price, so it’s undoubtedly a task worth doing.

Upgrade Your Bathroom Mirror

A minor task normally offers the best return on investment and upgrading your bathroom should certainly be on your list. But, before you go ahead and buy a new mirror, take a close look at your existing one to see how it’s attached to the wall. Some mirrors get glued to walls and are pretty difficult to remove without damaging the wall or breaking glass.

If you’d prefer to keep your mirror, you could freshen up its look by painting the frame. Either way, whatever route you choose to go down, your mirror serves as a focal point for your bathroom so you should make sure that it shines through.

Give Your Carpet a Deep Clean 

Carpet is well known for trapping dust and dirt. This is exactly why the majority of buyers prefer houses with hard surface flooring. But, you like your carpet because it makes your house feel cosy, you make an effort to keep it clean.

To maintain your carpet, you give it a thorough hoover each week. Household hygiene experts also recommend giving your carpet a deep clean with specially developed shampoo every year. Fortunately, this is an effortless and cheap task to undertake.

Modernise Your Windows

Smart blinds are continuing to grow in popularity, and there are now lots of manufacturers that make models you can order and install yourself with ease. If you have outdated aluminium blinds, then one option is replacing them with plantation shutters, which are durable and extremely energy efficient.

Add a Fresh Coat of Paint

The way your walls look can have a huge impact on the value of your property. In fact, it’s one of the best ways of revitalising your home’s interior and making it appear more vibrant. The part about it? Giving your walls a fresh coat of paint is really easy and inexpensive.

It’s best to go for a modern colour palette that will appeal to a wide range of prospective buyers. However, it’s important to consider the way each room is laid out as some colour may be more suitable than others.

Clean Out the Gutters

This task really is more maintaining your home’s value rather than increasing it, but it’s still essential to carry out. Without fully functional gutters, it can cause severe issues like mould and mildew, which if it gets bad can cause massive problems that can affect the structural integrity of your property.

The Bottom Line

Upgrading your home doesn’t need to be expensive or difficult and you don’t need to hire a team of contractors to complete the tasks. As you can see, there are many things you can do that all come at varying prices, but all of the tasks we’ve discussed are relatively cheap to do so. Putting a few of these DIY improvements into action will help you get the very most out of your property and in turn, increase its value.