DIY Top Floor Scrub

Looking to top scrub the floor? Well, this is not a plain and simple job. Not all the floors need re-stripping and refinishing at all. Somewhat in most of the cases, the floor can be restored and rejuvenated with a little top scrub. The high scrub will help by removing the top layers of the floor finish. This method is more or less very much similar to that of the floor stripping; just the chemistry that would be applied here in this method is going to be pretty light and not aggressive. Here only the top layers of the floor are removed, so this would virtually enhance the life of the floor. This technique, in the long run, is going to fetch you a lot more materialistic benefits that apparently might not be visible immediately. The basic supplies are certainly going to be the same as a standard floor scrubber that is mostly used in such applications, apart from that some of the other necessary supplies would be needed like floor sweeper and a couple of chemicals that need prior knowledge of use.

Before getting started with the procedure, it is better to note down the supplies that you will require during the process. At the very first instance, this procedure requires the proper working knowledge of the single disc floor machine that is slightly different in mechanism from the typical floor scrubber.

Basic Supplies

Now here are the basic supplies that you require in completing this procedure,

  • Single Disc Floor Machine.
  • Floor Pads.
  • Wet Vacuum.
  • Dust mop.
  • Wet Mop.
  • Mop bucket and wringer.
  • Scrapper squeegee.
  • Wet floor signs.
  • Neutral degreaser.
  • Neutral detergent.
  • Buckets.

Well, before starting the procedure this is important to note that although the chemicals are a lot safer to use than in the past, yet it is very crucial to read all the instructions mentioned on them very carefully, and must follow them. Dealing with chemicals can always be risky and threatening. Although the chemicals used in cleaning purposes are usually no0t very much intense, yet the safety comes first.Also, make sure to use all the supportive personal equipment that is advised on the manual of the chemical product

First of all, you need the uninterrupted access to the area. So for this purpose, remove all the accessories of the room be it furniture, carpet or any other stuff. After clearing the space, sweep or dust mops the entire area. This is always better to put the wet floor signs as the supplies and chemicals that would be used on the floor would make it extremely slippery and could cause some accidents. Now take the scrub bing concentrate and mix it with the room temperature plain tap water. Soon flood the entire floor with the solution. Do not let the solution dry on the floor and you can also reapply the solution if necessary.

Now it comes to scrubbing the floor. Mount a pad on the driver and fix to the machine. Advanced machines are mostly designed to offer multiple speeds; in this case, it is better to opt for the lower rate that could be like around 200 RPM. Now guide the machine over and forth the work area that you have specified. You have to use the motion of the machine to spread the solution all around the floor.

Now in the next step remove the slurry from the floor surface. For this, use window squeegee to remove the sludge from obstacles and walls. Now use a vacuum to remove the sludge in detail from the floor further. Now use the neutral clean detergent mixed with the room temperature tap water to make the cleaning solution. Mop the floor and just let it dry. Finally, you can also use a floor polisher to enhance the floor shine.

This was all that you needed. You have successfully done the top scrub flooring just like a pro and realize, you do not need to spend hundreds of bucks in hiring a professional cleaner for this purpose. You have to invest in all the supplies and tools that are required. This detailed cleaning would not only rejuvenate the floor but would also enhance the life of the level as well.