Do CBD Edibles and Gummies Need to be Refrigerated?

Do CBD Edibles and Gummies Need to be Refrigerated?

Determining how to preserve your favorite CBD gummies bought at is a worry not many people think about. While CBD gummies are a delicious way to consume cannabis, proper storage will make you consume them for a long. However, can you freeze CBD gummy candy? In this article, we will answer questions relating to freezing your CBD gummies and provide the best way to store edibles.

Do Gummies Need to Be Refrigerated?

The short answer is that CBD gummies don’t have to be refrigerated. CBD gummies will last if stored correctly even without a fridge. You can put it in an airtight container and store it in a dark dry place. If you don’t expose your CBD gummies to extreme temperatures found these! they won’t become stale.

How Long Do Edibles Last in The Fridge?

The shelf-life of CBD edibles and gummies depends on several factors including the ingredients, the processing techniques, the storage conditions, and most importantly your taste buds.

Storing edible gummies in the fridge can last over 3-6 months. Factors which can impact the short shelf life of edibles include exposure to light, heat, and other environmental factors.

The best way to tell exactly how long the edible gummies will last under refrigeration is to check the expiry date of the gummies on the pouch. Nonetheless, when refrigerated CBD gummies remain safe to eat even after the expiry date.

Can You Freeze Gummies?

A common among CBD users is “can you freeze gummy candy?” The short answer is yes. Freezing your CBD gummies is necessary for long-term storage. When you freeze CBD gummies, they last up to a year without losing their quality, flavor, and potency. There are several guidelines to follow when freezing CBD gummies.

Firstly, ensure to extract all air from the edibles packaging, this will prevent moisture from affecting the container in case of any temperature fluctuations. Also, when removing your CBD edibles from the freezer, allow ample time for them to thaw, this way the temperature change does not alter the taste or quality of the product. Simply remove the gummies from the refrigerator and place them at room temperature for a more natural thawing process.

Best Way to Store Edibles

1. Store in a Cool Dry Place

Avoid storing gummies in humid places due to prevent them from melting and losing their shape and texture.

2. Place In an Airtight Container

Store leftover gummies in an air-tight container especially if you live in a hot area. This will help increase its shelf life and preserve the taste of the gummy.

3. Keep Away from Moisture

Unopened gummies won’t go bad for up to a year or up to the date mentioned on the package. However, once opened, you must store them away from sunlight and moisture for preservation.

Bottom Line

PlusCBD offers CBD products that best meet your needs and taste preferences. Properly storing these products is a must, edibles included. While they won’t last long, proper storage can ensure they stay fresh for as long as possible.