Does A Cluttered Bedroom Cause Insomnia?

Insomnia is one of the most common sleep disorders that many people experience. Some think that it is a simple problem, but it can affect your life negatively if you do not do something to fix the problem. Have you experienced sleeping for only two to four hours a day? How do you feel when you wake up in the morning? Are you exhausted? One of the reasons why you may be experiencing sleep disorders is due to having a cluttered bedroom.

It is challenging to deal with high piles of clothing and magazines thrown all over the floor, food wrappers and take out containers on top of your desk. If this is the current condition of your bedroom, it is no wonder you can’t sleep well at night. Your bedroom should be your sanctuary and not a miniature landfill. With this kind of situation, you need to start letting go of all your clutter so you can put your life in order, and enjoy a good night’s sleep. Here are some expert tips that can help change your life forever.

Start Organising Your Clothes

Make it a habit to fold the laundry right after washing your clothes and put them in their respective cabinets. If you have limited storage space inside your bedroom, you might want to consider having a couple of fitted wardrobes built so you can put things in their respective places.

Let Go Of Clothes That Are Too Small For You

If you try sorting out all of your clothes, you will realise that you do not wear more than fifty per cent of the items. Sometimes you like to hold on to the idea of keeping something in your closet so you could wear it again once you start losing some extra pounds. If the clothes have been inside your cabinet for more than a year, you need to let them go.

Do Not Work Inside Your Bedroom

If you have a lot of paperwork piled up on your desk, it can most likely contribute to your sleepless nights. Experts do not encourage people to turn their bedroom into an extension of their office because it causes you to lose focus and create additional clutter. It would be best to convert a small den where you can set up your working space. Investing in a paper shredder is also an excellent idea to help reduce the amount of trash that you produce.

Throw Away Old Magazines

Magazines are fun to read, especially when you are bored. However, they tend to pile up, causing part of the clutter. If you are done reading them, it is best to give them to someone else. You can also opt to change your subscription. Instead of getting a hard copy, which is more expensive, request an electronic version that you can download to your laptop, tablet or smartphone. Doing this will decrease clutter and help the environment at the same time.