Don’t Make These Plumbing Care Mistakes

Plumbing isn’t easy – that’s one reason why we have professionals come in to take care of the difficult and dirty work. A mistake with hanging art on the walls, installing a set of window blinds, or replacing the caulking in the bath tub doesn’t come with the same disastrous consequences as a pipe bursting or a toilet backing up at 3am! There are several mistakes that people can make with the set-up of their home or their usage that can lead to some real plumbing problems and damage down-the-line. So, watch out for these common mishaps.

Don’t pour or flush the wrong things down the drain. Sinks need sieves to catch chunks of food to prevent clogging, and fats and grease shouldn’t be poured down there, either. Toilets should only be flushing waste and toilet paper – and not that much of those at a time, either. Shower and tub drains can also plug with hair and product build-up. Take care of all your drains and pipes by regularly pouring a pot of boiling water down them: about once a week. If you have a serious plug, call to properly and safely target and remove the problem. Professional help will also keep your drains clean and clear for much longer.

Give pipes and fixtures some room. Don’t overcrowd the area where your pipes and their clean-outs are to install shelves and casing for storage needs, like for your cleaning products, supplies, and toilet paper. This gets in the way when pipes need to be accessed for repairs. Housing around pipes should have ample space to work around. Fixtures and appliances shouldn’t be too close together. Placing the toilet right next to the sink might make it difficult to access the plumbing when something goes wrong. There should also be lots of room to move around and comfortably use every appliance.

Don’t tighten a faucet handle to fix the drips. If you’re noticing the faucet in your kitchen or bathroom is dripping in the night, sleepily and angrily trudging over and tightening it to get it to stop can cause more damage. You’ll eventually wear it down and cause a loose handle or potentially break it clean off. Take the proper steps to fix it, or, if that’s too much of a hassle, call in a plumber to handle that handle easily.

Don’t take on more than you can manage. With a variety of instructional videos and resources on the internet, it may seem like you can fix anything you need to yourself. But, you’ll save a lot of headache, hassle, and money, overall, if you hire a professional to take care of the problem. Plumbers follow a plumbing code and complete trade school training to do what they do properly and safely. To absolutely ensure something is done properly, call in an expert. A quality company will provide 24/7 emergency services, up-front pricing, guaranteed satisfaction, and flexibility with their service times and rates. Professionals will not only fix the job correctly, but they’ll reduce the maintenance that needs to be performed in the future.